About the Website (22 Jul 2011)

There is no particular reason in starting this website but just becauseI suddenly wanted too. I am a rather confused woman and am often caught between the positive and the negative; the good and the evil. Hence the title My 1/2 Cup Full or Empty of Life.

Looking at this no effort, no frills website, one should think I am a laidback person or pehaps can’t be bothered person which is somehow what I am.

Anyway enough said, and this website is all about me.

  • Me & My Family
  • Me & My Grouches
  • Me & My Blessings
What Have I Been Doing?

Since I graduated from tertiary studies in the 2004, I have been working full time even till I became a mum. It was till in 2007 when my husband was posted to Queensland for work then did I become a full time stay at home mum for 2 years watching those little men grow or should I say I was enjoying being a lady of leisure. However all was back to normal when we returned to Singapore. I returned to the workforce. It is only recently that I have also become a part-time student due to pressure from my hubby.

More About Ange

My face is like an open book. Be it I am happy, troubled or angry, it just shows on my face before I can even say, “1,2,3.” I need better control of my emotions as I cry at the slightest thing. Yet on the contradictory, I am good at putting up a strong front. My life is very much pretty revolved about my family and kids.

I love to stay happy and laugh alot! I think life is too short to be sad or angry for too long. I feel it is also crap to be with nasty people or people giving out negative energy. I am basically a very bubbly person.

I love my food and cooking! That explains me tipping over the bath room scale and the difficulty in shopping for plus-sized clothes. I am now turning into more of a herbivore by eating more greens and fibre; and abstaining from sugar and alcohol. However I know I cannot live without the occassional eating of meat, snacking of sweets (especially dark chocolates) and sipping a few glasses of reds. Don’t ever ask me to give up my carbo. I can reduce but I definately cannot live without it.

I love going out! Sitting in cafes, dinning out, gatherings and parties. I also love the occassional trip to the movies, theatres & musical. Yet at the same time, I love to stay at home, sitting infront of the TV catching every chinese drama I can. I also love lazing in my bed under those warm covers idling my time away.

I especially love shopping! Basically for anything from homewares to books to clothes. Especially for heels ( I love the way they give me the height) and for my boys. I try all means to becareful with my money but it is always gone before I know it. And I spent alot of time justifying my finances to my husband. My open secret is wishing that those hard-earned money won’t have to go to taxes, bills, mortgages and etc.

My most precious are my boys and I love them to bits! I am lucky to have been able to watch these amazing little men grow during our 2 years stay in Australia. It was really difficult to leave them for the corporate world again but as the standard of living in Singapore is high, it does not permit us to live off just one person’s income. I seriously wish my husband gets another overseas working stint so that I can hang out with these guys all day again. They do drive me crazy but these craziness actually bring smiles to my face once I cool off.

Well I guess that is how confuse I am.


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