Natural Beauty Product:Lush-Dark Angels

Wow I realised that the last time that I did a beauty product review was more than a year ago. Well Juice Beauty (especially their GREEN APPLE MASK) still remains one of my favourite product and during this time, I did try other cleansers but it wasn’t really worth mentioning. I am not sure because as I am aging, some of these off-shelves products does not seem to really suit me anymore.

Anyway, this is not the first time that I came across Lush. In fact, I always pass by it whenever I am walking through the underground pass of Wisma Atria and when I walk nearer, I can always smell the warf of fragrance (flowers, honey, herb…..) from the shop.

This time round, I decided to walk in and ask to try some of their masks. Somehow or rather, after deciding to purchase their Brazened Honey Mask (will review later on), I took a curiosity towards their facial cleanser- Dark Angel, that truly captivated me with their bits and pieces of black. I started to imagine how fair I will become after sleathering all these black granulate stuff all over my face. Don’t ask me why because somehow it is just a pictorial illusion to me of those black-becoming-white stuff (if ya get what I mean.) And because my skin is a combination skin which is why the ever-patient sales lady recommended me this:

See all those black beauty

How to use it.

After using it for coming a week, I think I quite like it but I am not sure how much because this cleanser does not foam (if you see from my pictures above). Without it foaming, I am really not sure how this product can penetrate into our pores to deep cleanse it. Even though it is said that the cleanser’s main ingredient Rhassoul Mud is is a natural mineral product that has a foaming effect and also has grease remover property. Upon further read up, I realised that this mud been used by Moroccan women for centuries to care for their skin and hair and it is intended to soften the skin, reduce sebum secretion, regenerate the skin by removing dead cells, and rebalance the skin by tightening the pores.

Wow, wow wow……………………………. (So I guess my concern for unclean pores is quite uncalled for isn’t it???)

At the point of first usage, other than the worry of having unclean pores, I was also worried if the oils (Avocado, Sandalwood and rosewood) in this cleanser will clog up my pores and cause a break out. But so far so good I am not having any break outs after a wek of usage. And I also just realised that:

  • Avocado Oil:  Reputed to be beneficial in reducing age spots and the appearance of scars and it softens and moisturises skin’s upper layer.  It is also said to help protect skin from ultraviolet rays.
  • Rosewood Oil: Other than its spicy, sweet and woody aroma, it is said to be antidepressant, antiseptic and bactericidal.

So now that I have done my read up, I guess I am totally loving this product because also when I am using it, I know that this cleanser sure does exfoliate very well with the presence of black sugar. As I gently massage the cleanser into my face and neck, and inhale deeply into the warm, sweet, woody fragrance of the sandalwood and rosewood oil, I felt a calm and relaxing sensation that seems to loosen up the knots around the behind of my neck that I am so tempted to rub it down my body as a body scrub (“,).

I will usually leave it on my face for about a min before washing it off with warm water, tone it, apply my serum and moisturiser.

After washing the cleanser off

The picture above might not show much a difference but I do feel that, my face seems cleaner after using it. Most importantly, this cleanser does not dry up my face leaving it taut and tight. Infact there seems to be a protective thin layer of oil that leaves the skin kind of velvety soft.

Where Can You Find This?

At the  moment in Singapore they only have 1 outlet at:

  • Store Location: Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877 (Unit No. B1-13)
  • Store Hours: Everyday – 10:00am to 10:00pm
  • Contact No: (+65) 6732 6758
  • Web Site:

You can ready up more reviews here at Makeup Alley.


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An Intimate Shopping Trip

If you have followed me, you will realised that I have been having a weight issue. And also because I have given birth twice and neglected myself, I also have the problem of sagging skin hence I have decided to take the advice of my mum and many close friends to wear the waist clincher dilegently in order to “keep the skin back”. But it was really difficut to find one that was affordable and comfortable that I can manage fuss free and something I know that I can keep wearing it and not chuck it aside (if you get wad I mean).

Anyway I happen to step into Chaloné today and I found this (or should I say the helpful lady assistant recomended it to me:

SKYLA Waist Clincher (1082) in Nude & Black

One look at it, I kinda of knew that was exactly I was look for.

$89.90 per piece with a $20 discount if you get 2 pieces

It has 2 buckle strips at the front with a front zip. This was just so easy without having me to fret about how i am going to mange those with the buckles at the back. The only catch is you seriously have to suck in your tummy as best as you can to prevent from zipping up your own skin. Once you pass that, everything is just perfect.

2 pieces of buckle strips with the zip all settled at the front. So easy

I did not even want to remove it and ask the lady to cut away the tag instead after  which I continue walking down the roads of orchard for a good 3-4 hours. No sweat, the material is breatheable and even my ongoing backache problem seems to have ease off as it corrects my posture and pulls everything together.

I am really lazy to take my measurement but the lady had mentioned that if I put it on diligently on a daily basis, most proberly in 6 months time I will be able to switch these down 2 sizes smaller. Hope that works.

For those also looking for something like that, below is the adress where I got it from though I realised there are other outlets as well.

And just I head home, my mummy called me and told me excitedly that the slimming & firming girdle that I wanted was going really cheap at And it is seriously cheap compared to the ones that I saw at the malls.

So yup I ordered 2 pieces of it and am now waiting for the reply and delivery.

It is indeed an intimate shopping spree today. 🙂


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A Challenge For Myself

My heart feels funny, I am sweating alot more than I should (not sure if it is the weather though)  and I have been feeling seriousy easily tired.  I also seriously cannot imagine that since September 2011, I have gained a WHOOPING…… 7KG!! Mind you that is alot and standing at 152cm, I am totally flabbagested to see my weighing scale shoot up to 72.5kg. Toally disgusting isn’t it???

And it does not help with the fact that when I am studying at home, I can actually down 1 pint of ice-cream and finish a whole bag of chips (or perhaps even more).

Looking at my past photos, I seriously wonder what have I done to myself? Why am I not looking after myself at all?

Me@2006 (After Birth of Clemens)

Me@2007 (After Birth of Damir)

Me@Oct 2011

Me Now Over 70+kg 😦

Looking at the progression of the photos, I am so TOTALLY UNIMPRESS!!!

Hence I will like to challenge myself to a 365 days of healthy living in aim of loosing at least 10kg . I realised I did it half way from March to July 2011 (last year). So I hope I can perserve longer this time round.


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A Night Of Fun

I know very well that I am not pretty but of course whenever there is a call for occasion, I will usually take the opportunity to dress up. Reading back on my entry last week, I am sure without a doubt you will know that there is a company dinner & dance for us to attend. And other than the few spree, I actually asked my bestie for the contact of her bridal make up artist – Kelly Leong (whom I think really did a good job on her face. :))

Make-Up by Kelly Leong

Anyway, I managed to wow some of my colleagues and we had a few fun photo shots before the event commenced.

Our Fun Photos

Instant Fun Shots

My Favourite Shot

Another Favourite of Mine

Dinner was held at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Ball Room, food was fine with the dessert being my favourite. Well no…, actually my favourite was the red wine. 🙂

More Photos With Boss & Great Colleagues

With My Boss & Other Colleagues

From Ex-Colleagues to Colleagues Again. What A Small World!

All in all, it was a great night with great company. 🙂


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How Can I Forget … …

The pleasures of SHOPPING!!

The happiness of trying out outfits and the joy of saying, “Yes… I will get this. :)” Finished all with a mega smile on the face.

I know I am shallow for indulging in short term happiness but I can’t help it that I am a typical woman.

Anyway since it is nearing the company’s dinner & dance, Christmas and a few supposedly wedding dinner (which I am unable to attend now), here are my shopping sprees.

For The Party 🙂

My favourites are definitely the peep-toes killer heels from Guess.

From Lacoco, I got myself a new trendy haircut.

I love the sides of it

And a pair of lovely manicured nails from Hui Aesthetics, all in the shades of blue and silver.

Studs on fingernails all inclusive. A great deal I got 🙂

I love how the  manis & pedis are priced at S$28.00 each with nail arts all inclusive. It also doesn’t matter if you are doing a classic or french. The price stays the same.

What can be greater pleasures than a spree like that?


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Loosing Weight Is Such A … …

COMPLEXITY! Yup it is indeed.

Those who can remember from my last post, I actually lost 7kg in 6 months and manged to maintain it at 63kg till July. However in these recent months from July to September, not only have I not made any decrease instead I made a ‘progression’ by 2kg (63kg to 65kg)! Yesh I have gained weight. That is why I said loosing weight is such a complexity through my trial & error experience. And this made me conclude that loosing weight is 80% careful diet & 20% exercise.

Why I say that, it is because:

Part 1: I was careful in my diet (as listed here) but hardly exercise and yet I lost 7kg.

Part 2: I have been letting loose on my diet but I was exercising regularly (brisk walk 3km 3 times a week and leisurely swim 30 laps for 1 hour) and yet I gained 2kg.

That is why, isn’t it ironical? Now I wonder, when will I ever be discipline to proceed to Part 3: Careful diet & regular exercise. Perhaps the up and coming company dinner & dance in November?

Right now I have to get rid of the evil from my mind. I have been on a binging mood of carbohydrates and meat and fried stuff. Worse still images of McDonald’s cinnamon melts, Kettle’s honey dijon chips, Cold Stone Creamery’s dark chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream, and Spinelli’s chocolate heaven cake has been popping out all over my mind and driving me absolute insane.

Things are not looking at all great. Not when I have been having the Pizza Hut’s cheesy bites treats for supper twice this month.

Turkey Bacon Shroom

Have it piping hot dipped in those tangy creamy cheese is sure the devil of addiction.

I guess I need more than a miracle to proceed with Part 3: Careful diet & regular exercise.


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The Struggles of Busting the Calories Again

It is such a sad thing that I am always in a constant struggle with my weight issue. Because I love my food so much, my hubby is also concern with my health.

Therefore this year at March, I vowed to myself that I am going to live a healthier lifestyle and I did pretty well all the way to July losing 7 kilos (70kg to 63kg at a mere height of 152cm) au natural without the help of any pills or medications and no starvation mode.

The DOs (√) from Mar to Jul

This was my routine 2 months ago:

  1. Do drink plenty of water. I drank between 8 to 10 glasses of water).
  2. Have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mix with a glass of water before lunch and dinner.
  3. Have a glass of green or white tea after every meal.
  4. Reduce on sugar intake, carbohydrates and up more fibers.
  5. 1st Thing in the Morning: Have a teaspoon of honey mixed with room temperature and 2 cubes of frozen green lemon juice. I believe this helps to cleanse the body system and honey gives you the energy at least all the way to your work place.
  6. Breakfast: 1/2 bowl pf low GI cereal with 1 glass of skim milk at 9am and a banana at 10.30am
  7. Lunch: Mainly anything soupy with heaps of greens and a reduced portion of carbohydrates. I will pay extra 50cents for an extra helping of greens
  8. Snack @ 3.30pm: An apple or kiwi with a teaspoon of honey. Honey helps satisfy my sugar craving.
  9. Dinner: A bowl of vegetable soup with lots some protein and lots of vegetables (All thanks to my mummy)
  10. Before bed time: I will take a teaspoon of honey again before I sleep as it is said to help work your liver out when you are sleeping.
  11. Excerise: I seriously do not have much time. Hence instead of jostling for escalators at the train stations, I take the stairs. Instead of getting a seat, I stand my way. I try to move as much as possible like choosing a further away lunch place so that I can get to walk briskly to the place and back again. It is only in late July that I decided to incorporate 1 hour of leisurely swim every Sunday while my boys are having their lessons.

Anyway because results were showing, I got conceited and I started to lose track of everything.I have not been reducing my weight as stated in my goals for the last month. Although it kind of fluctuates up and there and 60% of the time showing that I am maintening, you know it when you get the naggy feeling in you that you are to over tip the scale again. It is not a nice feeling at all.

The Don’ts (X) from Jul to Aug 

  1. I stop drinking as much water as I should have (only 4 glasses now).
  2. I overindulged in my favourite hot chocolate, almond milk and carbohydrates.
  3. I stop eating fruits on a daily basis. I will like chicken pie more than apple at snack time now.
  4. I indulged in peanut butter biscuits on  a daily basis.
  5. and many more……

Anyway I hate myself so much now especially when I finish 1 pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice-cream within 2 days all by myself. People who love peanut butter as much as I do, should now how addictive this is.

Therefore after feeling unhappy over my weight issues for the entire month, I thought I will add on something else tonight. I finally put these on after 4 years at 10pm tonight:

Running Shoes My Hubby Gave Me

Went down to the mini park below my house and:

  • Slow jog 1.2km.
  • Brisk walk 800m.
  • Did a few moments on the cross trainer machine till my thighs are sore.

I know it is not much but I thought good enough for a start. I just hoped I will be able to keep to my appointment with this pair of shoes this Friday at 6am.

Now on the scale, It is shown I am about 63.2kg now. I nope my discipline does not waver again with this entry.


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