Chicken Bones Stock

Yup it is Tasty Tuesday today but what I will be sharing will not be tasty. It is back to the basics today. If you notice that I love cooking soup and you love to do that as well, you should know very well every soup comes with a soup base where the essence is derive from the simmering of meat, bones, fish and vegetables over a period of time.

Look at the glistening little droplets of golden fats

What I will be sharing today is broth from the chicken bones. Simple to make yet distinctively flavored, it is a good base for soups, sauces and gravies.

Ingredients Needed:


  • 1kg Chicken Bones (I got mine every time I buy 10pcs of de-boned chicken thighs)
  • 2L Water
  • 50g Ginger (helps to dispel wind in the body, get rid of the poultry smell)
  • 1 Carrot (Optional)

Method (With Step-By-Step Photos)

  1. Boil a pot of water to blanch the chicken bones.
  2. Wash the chicken bones.
  3. Give the chicken bones a quick full boil. This will get rid of the blood in the bones and minimize the amount of scum when you are simmering the stock later on.
  4. Boil the 2L of water.
  5. Put in the blanched chicken bones, carrot and ginger. Bring to a boil, lower fire and simmer for 1.5hrs to 2hrs. The carrot is optional. I only out it in because it is Damir’s favourite.

And there it is done. You have a pot of stock that you can keep in the fridge for up to 4days and is really versatile for almost any kind of soup, sauces and gravy.

Now you will have realized that in most of my soup recipes, I will emphasize on the blanching of the meat and more so for the bones so as to get rid of blood and scum. I did take a photo of the sight of the quick boil to blanch the bones. It might make you GAG but at least you will know what you need to get rid off. So are you ready……..











See All The Scum Floating Atop While Blanching The Bones

But fret not, once you pour away the water and rinse the blanched bones, you will get a clean, clear looking broth when you have finished simmering.


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To Stay Together Or Not To Stay

My Boy Thinking Like An Adult Now

I never remembered how Clemens and I got to this topic but it was really a conversation that really set me thinking and pondering. Anyway it was something like that:

  • Clemens: Mummy I wouldn’t want to stay with you when I grow up and get married.
  • Me: Oh then where are you going to stay?
  • Clemens: I am going to buy my own house and stay there.
  • Me: That sounds wonderful because I wouldn’t like to stay with you too.

Now the way I answered him, was it true from my heart or was it in a spite? Perhaps that will be my karma for people who knew what went on – the fact that I had loan a sum of $$ from my parents (for the Cash Over Valuation), pulled my hubby to secretly buy the humble nest we are staying now when my in-laws had wished for us to stay together. It was not the most pleasant scenario when my in-laws found out but I will say it is one of the decision I have never regretted looking at the crazily-priced houses now (though I guess the situation could be handled better altogether).  Being young then, the hot blooded me allowed my impulse to rule my head and the craving for freedom and independence (which I guess I had inherited from my dad) pushed me forward.

Anyway enough said, to tell the truth, I am secretly happy for Clemens that he has a thinking like that and if he can ever afford a shelter one day, I will give him my utmost support just like what my parents did. My dad had believed that was the best way for us to work towards a goal, a responsibility in establishing our own family and raising our kids; and to have a better understanding of what they-parents have done to provide us a shelter, feed us and clothe us.

A place where we can cuddle, fight, laugh; and argue all in the privacy of a place we call our own. I will wish these for my kids as well and I am glad that at the end of the day, my in-laws understood as well.

So to stay together or not to stay, I guess it will be my kids who ultimately make the decision themselves. 🙂


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A Lazy Brunch @ The Orange Timble

Over the weekend, we had visited mother-in-law who lives in a really charismatic, rich full of heritage area at Tiong Bahru. Since she was not around when we arrive, we thought it will be nice to plod around this neighbouhoood which has a nostalgic charm. We had noticed a recently a spate of cafes popping up and we wandered ourselves to this little cafe – The Orange Timble.

The Orange Thimble Cafe, 56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-68, Tel: +65 6223 8068, Tue to Sun: 11am – 9pm

The 1st impression of the cafe really caught our eyes with the retro design that kind of excites of my boys as well. Though upon entering, it may seem a little cramp, but you will be surprise that there are more places on the inside kind of like spread out where you get to have your own little corner.

Hubby Thinking About What to Have

Anyway because I am a die-hard choco lover, I knew I had to have the Hazelnut Dacquoise which was mad good with the thick yummy quality dark chocolate sandwiched with the cripsy light spongy texture meringue.

Chocolate Overload

My hubby and the boys decided to have Weekend Breakfast All Day which was really yummy as well.

Weekend Breakfast All Day

Looks Yummy Ain't it?

The drinks where the boys had their hot chocolate, my usual cup of tea and hubby’s latte came with the traditional coloured sugee biscuit which my boys had fun dipping it in their drinks. My hubby enjoyed his latte citing that it was smooth.

Whatever it is, see our table full, the boys enjoying themselves and my hubby chill. 🙂

Our Table Full

Damir Enjoying Himself

Clemens dipping those tiny biscuits into his hot choco

Us All Chilling

Overall, the service was really friendly with the staff keep asking us if we want to take family photo (that was why we had such a nice shot. The food also arrived in a timely manner and the most important thing is, the boys are asking to return there more often. 🙂

My Favourite Shot Of The Day


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Clemens P1 Orientation

From graduation to orientation, my boy- Clemens has come to another new phase of his life last Saturday. 🙂 If you had followed me a few months back, you will know how nervous I was to how joyous I was when Clemens got balloted into the school.

Clemens On Day Of Orientation

Last Saturday was the his orientation.Dressed smartly and excited, Clemens and I made our way to the school. The students were extremely polite, bowing and greeting all guests along the corridor After registering ourselves, Clemens was made to sit with his new class mates.

Clemens with New Classmates

The Orientation was really impressive with clearly a very strong parental support group. You can see this from nicely decorated hall and having Alex the Lion and Elmo as guest appearance which drove the kiddos crazy with happiness. Followed by a showcase of their CCAs – Modern Dance and String Ensemble; and a speech by the School Principal.

The Nicely Decorated Hall

Alex the Lion


String Ensemble (though Clemens did not choose this)

There after the kids were made to go back to their classroom where the teacher will bring them for a tour around the school while we, parents had to stay to fill in various forms, buy textbooks (which I have gotten earlier on thanks to my mum) and school uniforms.

Clemens Q-ing to Go Back to Class

All in all, looking at my eldest son going into another phase of life is really indescribable. The joy that he is growing up, the heaviness in the heart if he will get adjusted and cope well in school. That kind of feeling is all so mixed up that it just overwhelms me.

But still I am happy for him that he got into such a impressive school especially when he can decide which CCA  he actually want to join. 🙂

Impressive Sightings of The School

The Canteen

Like a Chapter Out From Harry Potter

A Water Wheel Cart in the Parade Ground

Impressive isn’t it? For now, I just wish for him to enjoy school.


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Pre-Launched Review: “Is It Ready Yet?” + Contest

*Note: I do not receive any monetary term for this entry. Reviews are all based on my own personal opinion. All pictures in here are sources from “Is It Ready Yet?”

Well this is the 1st time I am writing a pre-launched review for an iPhone app (“,) and I am seriously excited and sincere in doing it. I was first contacted by Rieni to help give a shout out for their pre-launch contest available in Facebook. And after browsing through the webpage, I got really interested about this “Is It Ready Yet?” app.

Now you must be wondering what is the GREAT DEAL about it? It might not be a great deal to you but it sure is to me because I simply LOVE and ADORE cooking. I often look up for recipes to try out through my iPhone and iPad and will just place them on the kitchen table and flip it as if I am looking through a recipe book. So what else can it be better than having a built-in kitchen timer app like this on my devices. (“,)

“Is It Ready Yet?” is not you normal kitchen timer which just rings after your food is cooked. It is easy to use and does alot more than just goes , “Rrrrringggggggg………….”.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Enter the application.

Step 2: Choose your settings.

Step 3: Choose the type and cut of meat you want to cook and enter the weight.

Step 4: Temperature and Cooking Time shown. Click COOK!

Step 5: Timer starts to tick.

If you realise, the amazing thing about this app is that you can quickly look up oven roasting times for many whole cuts of meat and poultry. All you need to do is simply select your cut of meat and the weight and you’ll see suggested oven temperatures and cooking times. From there you can start your cooking timer with one click.

Another GREAT NEWS is even though this great app is not yet launched, they are having a


2 Lucky winnner can win iTunes Cards worth S15.00 each.

All you need to do is:

  1. Like their Facebook page
  2. Post your comment about Is It Ready Yet App
  3. Share their fan page on your Facebook wall and other social networks

 Winners will be selected randomly

Contest ends at 24 November 2011

Now are you ready yet? If you are just as excited as I am, just click on the below picture and do all the above 3 points.

A note of caution though, this app is not going to help you prevent your food from burning if you forgot to turn off your stove and oven. (“,)

Do hurry though……….. And I am all ready to roast a chicken when I have this app. 🙂


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What Greater Blessings

If there is anything that my dad likes to do, it is to gather all of us for a meal occasionally. This time round he decides that he wants to try the dim sum buffet in Jiang Nan Chun @ Four Seasons Hotel. I, myself usually love to go for International Buffet and have been to The Line @ Shangari-La and Melt The World Cafe @ The Oriental; but dim sum buffet, never before.

Jian-Nan Chun, 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646 Tel: (65) 6734-1110, Fax. (65) 6733-0682

My hubby and I thought it will be worth a try since we had actually wanted to try the Cherry Garden Champagne Dim Sum Buffet.

Anyway we decided to meet my parents there and since they were a little late, I thought we will camwhore a little till they arrived.

Hub & I

Waiting for Gong Gong & Ma ma

And when they arrived, we headed up to the restaurant where we were greeted by a really oriental entrance with an impressive menu of 100 over dishes where you can have as much as you want but only a serving of sharks fin and peking duck per person.

The Entrance

My mum being a typical mum who is afraid of her kids and grandkids being hungry of course over-ordered again leaving us a table full of food where we gorged ourselves silly with huge grins on our faces.

Damir with Gong Gong

Table Full of Food

And because we are gorging ourselves, there was very little photo that I took. Only some of my favourite.

Truffle fish dumpling, Shark Fins Dumpling & Salted Egg Yolk Bun

Mango Pudding, Almond Longan Pudding, Osmanthus Jelly

Well overall the food was good, the service was quite alright (depending on the person serving you I guess) as we had a lady who was rather impatient with us but the guy was ever so sweet  even to my boys who were asking  endless questions.

As for the price, I guess I will still prefer international buffet because of the seafood and the many varieties of the desserts.

All in all, from my point of view what can be greater blessings than eating together as a family happily (just a pity that my brother is busy to join us). 🙂

Some of Mine Favourite Family Photo.

Hub & Kids

Kids & I

My Boys

My Sisters

Beautiful Picture of My Parents

My Favourite Picture of My Parents. I Love This!! 🙂

My Lovely Boys

My Mum & Her Daughters 🙂

This is indeed a blessing. To have the whole family eat together happily. 🙂


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A Night Of Fun

I know very well that I am not pretty but of course whenever there is a call for occasion, I will usually take the opportunity to dress up. Reading back on my entry last week, I am sure without a doubt you will know that there is a company dinner & dance for us to attend. And other than the few spree, I actually asked my bestie for the contact of her bridal make up artist – Kelly Leong (whom I think really did a good job on her face. :))

Make-Up by Kelly Leong

Anyway, I managed to wow some of my colleagues and we had a few fun photo shots before the event commenced.

Our Fun Photos

Instant Fun Shots

My Favourite Shot

Another Favourite of Mine

Dinner was held at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Ball Room, food was fine with the dessert being my favourite. Well no…, actually my favourite was the red wine. 🙂

More Photos With Boss & Great Colleagues

With My Boss & Other Colleagues

From Ex-Colleagues to Colleagues Again. What A Small World!

All in all, it was a great night with great company. 🙂


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