**Updates on 8th Mar: I have some updated photos of my 3 sweet boys 🙂

My dearest hubby has finally hit the Three-O today and if you are to ask him what is the feeling like, he will most probably tell you, “Life goes on as usual!”

The Man of Our Family 🙂

Anway just want to tell you thanks for everything since I knew you when you were 18. It seems such a long time, but yet when I look back, I cannot imagine how fast time actually passes.

Life has been hetic and busy these days for us, so I do feel bad about the no cake (which I was suppose to bake) and no celebration. 😦

But anyway, I guess the best pressie you can have is:

The People Who Keeps Your Heart Pumping 🙂


Don’t do too much today on your off day today ok? See you tonight after my class. 🙂

Love You Much Much

From Us 🙂

Photos Updates:

My 3 Precious Sweeties

I Love This Most 🙂