The Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826 Tel: (65) 6269 3411

This is one place that our family will come at least once every 2 months and that is because it is due to my hubby’s working privileged that the organization has a Singapore Zoo corporate card.

This weekend was no exception except that this is time it is due to my daddy’s organization’s family day held at the Zoo. So we had free snacks, food and drinks too. Anyway because my dad could not make it so we thought we will arrange for another play date with my bestie (since she missed the one at Fidgets).

Me & My BFF

Aside than the 1st time going out for a play date at the Singapore Zoo, it was also our 1st time renting the:

Adventure Scooter @ $35.00 Unlimited Time


Wagon @ S$15.00 Unlimited Time

with a choice, the kids’ clear favourite is none other than the:

Kids Love Hubby or Scooter?

So lesson learnt is, I will rather rent the scooter, because it is really hard work lugging and pulling the wagon around the Zoo which most of the time ended up as a carrier for all our barang barangs (kids bags, extra clothes bags, water bottles, etc, etc…..) but still I had to put on a smiling face towing it because I had not heed my hubby’s advice who was  totally fervently protesting against it. 😦 Thankfully, my bestie helped to tow it too.

Whatever it was, I was thankful when they decided that they would like to catch some of the popular animal shows and settle for lunch. This meant I could rest my arms for awhile.

Before proceeding to the kid’s favourite hunt:

Rainforest Kidzworld

The Rainforest Kidzworld is also a place I love  alot too. Looking at the kids having a splashing great time till they felt they had enough, is already another kind of bliss. At this time, I also wonder why they don’t have this at my younger days. If not I would had really enjoyed myself too.

After all those wet fun, there is also a really child-friendly wash up area and when they are done, my boys will always ask to ride on the pony.

This is 1 of the older photos which we took some time back

And then out of the kids’ paradise, we will continue our journey  exploring the Zoo,

and looking out for the kids’ favourite animals.

I will like to say that this is another enjoyable day with the little friend and I believe our trip to the Zoo will not just end here. 🙂

We Will Be Back


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