Learning Spelling Without The Tears

Going into Primary 1 is indeed quite a transition for Clemens from once-a-week homework (during kindy time) to the daily homework he gets now-a-days not to mention the class tests he has to participate in.

His spelling list has also extended from 5 words a week (also during kindy time) to 10 words a week. And oh boy, it is such a pain to get him learning those words. With him sitting for a straight 2-3 hours writing but mind already wondering elsewhere (perhaps to the next dimension) and getting only 2 out of 10 correct, really frustrates the hell outta of me. It ended with me behaving really badly that once I forbade him to sleep plus a few stroke of the cane.

This incident was on my mind alot that sets me thinking how I should motivate him positively. So once when I was at the shop-Growing Fun, I found this:

MAGNETIC Hangman.........

Hangman use to be a game I use to play with my friends. Although it is not as hightech as what the boys have now where we use to draw it on paper, I still had tremendous fun. Anyway it brought back some fun childhood memories which is something that I will like to share with my kids and so I bought it.

It was a hit with my boys because now spelling has become a game for them. So I told them in order to play the game with me they will need to know how to spell and they are allowed to test me as well. If only you can see the michevious beam on their face when they heard the phrase, “TEST MUMMY???? kekeke.” 🙂

Can you see a happy boy enjoying himself or a boy learning spelling?

Anyway this is so much easier than me going, “Why are you still dreaming?; Have you finished?; Why are you so slow?………..” At least this time when I caught him drifting off again, I went, “Oh…. I thought you are done. I was waiting for you to play hangman with me when you are finish learning spelling.” The result is instaneous bringing him back to his papers and him coming back to me shouting smirkly, “I am done mum!!” That is when I begin to test him using hangman and him testing me.

You must be wondering  why I allowed him to test me. This is because:

  1. He must know his spelling well before he can test me.
  2. With me making ‘stupid mistakes’ allowing him to ‘hang’ me helps boost his confidence and interest.
  3. It will also kind of improve our mother and son relationship.

A Word of Advice Though

This method that I am using is only a motivator tricking him into thinking that learning is fun. So if you are also thinking of trying this, this does not mean your kid does not need to learn their spelling. They will still need to know how to spell before they can play the game.

What I usually do is to breakdown the words for him. For exampleanteater’it will be broken up into ‘ant-eat-er’. Another instance where he gets a super long word likehippopotamus’,  I tried to incorporate rythmn to it by turning it into,Mrs H, Mrs I, Mrs P…..P.O.P.O, Mrs T, Mrs A, Mrs M.U.S. If you are wondering why is it all MRS? Yup Clemens did ask me too so I told him because the hippopotamus-Gloria in Magadascar is a lady too. 🙂

Well this has work well for us for the past 2 weeks and I am crossing my fingers that this is going to last us for at least till the next 3 to 6 monhs where he will be able to learn independantly.

Anyway if you are wondering what is in the set, I am sharing it here with you guys:

Instructions On How To Play

You can find alphabets, parts of hangman, pointers & blank magnets

Best of all because it is so light and a good size, it is portable and because it is magnetic, it is not easy to loose the pieces as well. Hence you can Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere.They are easy for kids to use and hard to loose. Seeee………

Don't you agree that it sticks really well?????

Other than this interesting set that I have bought from Growing Fun, I have bought some others as well. I will share it with you again when I find the time to do so.

The Educational Toys I have Bought


Clemens’s First Show & Tell – My Family

Ever since Clemens embarked on his new journey to Primary School, there has been alot of first time for him. From his first orientation to his first medal, he had his first chinese test yesterday. Though the marks weren’t impressive but as a mummy, you will know when he has put in his effort and that is kind of enough for me at the moment.

Anyway today he has his  first mock show and tell test about My Family. It did at first sound fun especially when we had so many photos to choose from:

Our 2010 Trip to Hong Kong

Our 2012 Trip to Tokyo

Celebrating My Hubby’s 30th Birthday

And I was really delighted when he chose this:

An Australian-Shaped Wall Plague Made by My Hubby

Writing the script was not every difficult too as ideas were flowing in but rehersing them I will say was a really hard nut to crack. After an hour so, he was loosing his concentration and me loosing my cool. The situation was totally heated up and teary that made me feel like the WORLD’S MEANEST MUM.

Clemens Rehersing Hard Through The Night

Yet looking at him this morning, I knew he totally can pull it off. I seriously can’t be more proud of him. 🙂

A Lot Much More Fluent Than The Previous Night

Anyway here is his script to share:

Good morning Mrs Thomasz and friends. Today I am going to talk about my family.

Who are your family members?

My family members are my father, mother, little brother and I.

What have you brought today?

Today I have brought a plague.

When is the plague made?

 This plague was made by my father when we were staying in Australia.

Why do you like this plague?

I love this plague because it has many photos of us doing things together.

Which are your favourite photos?

My favourite photos are me on the trike, me in the SuperPuma helicopter and the family photo taken at the cotton farm.

I also love the light house at Byron Bay.

How much did you and your family enjoy your stay in Australia?

My family and I enjoyed ourselves very much in Australia.

We wish to go back again.

Reading his script has really brought me back memories too. I seriously miss seeing them so carefreely happy.

Those Alot Much Happier and Carefree Days

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Finally…… A Little Breather

Gone are my assignments and mid-term exams for the trimester leaving a month away to my finals. 🙂 Hence I am finally able to catch some time with my kiddos before their 1st term holiday ends.

There was not much time time left leaving only the weekends and so we went to watch this movie that Clemens have been harping on when the shots 1st came out and that is…….

Picture curtesy from http://teaser-trailer.com

We watched it in 3D- which actually has brought movies to a whole new level and we enjoyed ourselves so much that there were constant bursts of laughter not only by us  but the other auiences as well. Cute as the movie is, this is a truly meaningful story too about how important trees are to us and the universe supplying us with fresh air.

Having their quick lunch before the movie 🙂

Our favourite character will be the orangey look-alike garfield cat that speaks for the tree, the singing fishes and the little bear.

If you do not get what I mean and are curious about it, do catch the movie before it runs out.

Anyway because my boys love going to the movies so much, our next movie date will be the Madagascar 3 in 3D. 🙂

Picture curtesy from http://www.geekinvaders.com

This is another 3D movie that I am so looking forward to my boys. 🙂

And have I mention that I am insanely crazily enjoying ferrying my lung-screaming boys around. This is something that I have missed so much for the past month.

A Car of Chittering and Chattering Kids 🙂

Clemens & His First Medal

I cannot imagine how time flies and it is already March. Nope this blog is not yet dead but with the juggle of family, kids and endless assignment from my studies, it has seem to suck out all my breathe.

Anyway a few interesting things to recall:


  • Clemens started his Primary School journey.
  • We went to a 5 days 4 nights Tokyo trip.


Now back to Clemens which I have been wanting to share so much only to find time now. Clemens has taken to school rather well only with some difficulties here and there. Within a span of 3 months, he has already taken part in 2 competitions.

The first was a swimming heats which he came in 1st in the 1st round. However due to him not paying attention well, he somehow got disqualified from the finals. There was abit of disappointment though but again I have never been more proud of him because I have never seen him swim with all his might before. Here is a video link: Clemens Swimming Heats and yup the fastest kid is my boy.

Clemens Preparing for His Heats 🙂

Now though he miss the medal for his swimming, he just recently participated in a super hero comic coustume made from recycled materials and he got a 3rd prize.

Clemens’s 3rd Prize Medal

And our winning costume is … … Ninja Turtle!

Clemens Excitedly Practicing His Rap

See the top 3 winners of his class. Grinning so happily.

The Top 3 Winners of P1-Gentleness

Well of course there was a load of fun and hardwork behind the coustume that brought us back to the secondary days.

Our Backstage Works:

Daddy, Mumy and Mummy’s Besties Hard at Work

Mummy’s Bestie Doing A Tryout and Haing Loads of Fun

Well I guess that is all for now and after my 1st term I will be able to update more 🙂


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