Smoke Salmon Salad with Salmon Roe and Lava Egg

Today is the last day for National Salad Month.

It seems that I am slightly late in sharing this. Anyway better late than never and who says that salad has to be boring. Today I  will be sharing a favourite salad of mine which is totally easy to make and can be made the night b4fore or the day itself, packed with a ice pack, you can bring it to work for lunch. Smoke Salmon Salad with Salmon Roe and Lava Egg. Also because the egg yolk and the salmon roe already has so much favour, there isn’t a need for any salad dressing at all.

Well there is not much to teach in the preparation for this dish. You can use whatever greens you love. I use the green and purple lettuce with a handful of spinach. The lava egg recipe can be found here (I  have omitted the marinating part). The smoke salmon and salmon roes are store bought. Just put them together and you will have 1 of the most amazing lunch ever. 🙂

As I have always said, one of the most important factor in making a salad for work lunch, is to wash and drain dry the vegetables well. I love to packed my salad dressing in another container or bag so that I do not get a box of soggy salad by lunch time. Ice-pack is definitely one of a MUST-HAVES because it not only keeps all the greens fresh and crisp, it also helps to maintain the goodness of the meat and salad dressing.

There this is how I love to pack my salad or food if I am bringing them out for work.

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What Is The Right Choice?

I hit 30 2 months ago and I started to wonder and really ponder what do I  really want out of myself in the next 10 years of my life? What are the right choices in life?

Throughout my life, I seem to  be always making the wrong and expensive choices especially during these 1.5 years. Recently, in pursue of an interest,  it seems that I have once again made a bad choice by taking a pay cut of slightly more than  50%. If there is anything good about it, I will really have to thank my family especially my mum (for being my emotional pillar) and my hubby (for picking up my tabs). There are also my group of girl friends who are always there for my mental health-being. This article “Warren Buffett Shares His Most Essential Advice For Generation Y” sent by my best bud really made me see my choice in a new light.

In a nut shell this is how the article goes:

1. Find your passion.

“Never give up searching for the job that you’re passionate about,” he says. “Try to find the job you’d have if you were independently rich. … Forget about the pay. When you’re associating with the people that you love, doing what you love, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

2. Be careful who you admire.

“If you tell me who your heroes are, I’ll tell you how you’re gonna turn out. It’s really important in life to have the right heroes. I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve probably had a dozen or so major heroes. And none of them have ever let me down. You want to hang around with people that are better than you are. You will move in the direction of the crowd that you associate with.”

3. Learn how to communicate effectively.

While getting his MBA from Columbia University, Buffett revealed that he was “terrified of public speaking,” causing him to withdraw from a Dale Carnegie class. But after graduating he saw the ad for the course again and decided to give himself a second chance.

“I became associated with the 30 other people in the class. We couldn’t stand up in front of a group and say our own name. I mean it was — we were — it was pathetic. But that class changed my life in a big way.”

4. Develop healthy habits by studying people.

“Pick the person that has the right habits, that is cheerful, generous, gives other people credit for what they do. Look at all of the qualities that you admire in other people … and say to yourself, ‘Which of those qualities can’t I have myself?’ Because you determine whether you have them. And the truth is you can have all of them.”

5. Learn how to say “no.”

“You won’t keep control of your time, unless you can say ‘no.’ You can’t let other people set your agenda in life.”

6. Don’t work for someone who won’t pay you fairly.

“I do very little negotiation with people. And they do little with me, in terms of it … if I was a woman and I thought I was getting paid considerably less than somebody else that was equal coming in, that would bother me a lot. I probably wouldn’t even want to work there. I mean, [if] somebody’s gonna be unfair with you, in salary, they’re probably being unfair with you in a hundred other ways.”

7. Become involved with growing businesses.

“I mean, you want to get on a train that’s going to go 90 miles an hour and not one that’s gonna go 30 miles an hour and you’re gonna try to figure out how to, you know, push it along a little faster. So it really does make a huge difference. And there are some businesses that inherently [have] far more opportunities than others.”

8. Learn everything you can about your industry.

Buffett says he reads for six hours every day because he believes that growing your intellectual capacity will help you solve problems more effectively.

“I knew a lot about what I did when I was 20. I had read a lot, and I aspired to learn everything I could about the subject. “

9. Young women should seek mentors.

“These [mentoring] relationships all just evolve. I never set out to become a mentor … It’s amazing … how the person that really wants to do a terrific job just jumps out. There aren’t that many. You will be perceived as exceptional and as a worthy person for a superior to spend some extra time with if you just do something extra all the time. It seems elementary, but it’s true.”

At the end of the interview, Buffett reminded everyone to keep getting up after all falls because “you are healthy, and bright and have decades ahead of you.”

Well there are people who says, “of course being one of the world’s richest man, it is easy for him to say that.” However with his experience in life, who can say he is wrong too?

Anyway with the article and with what I saw and experienced today, I am already slightly more affirmed that my choice might not be totally bad.