Best Brunch Ever

” Sitting in the midst of luscious greens in a small cozy like cottage. having brunch, sipping tea with the cold breeze settling on the skin, making small talks with my boys. That is Absolute BLISS!!!”

Exams are over for the term, I have had my parties with my friends. My hubby had taken the loving thoughts to book us a place at the Riders Cafe since 2 weeks ago via Chope Instant Reservations

51 Fairways Drive, Bukit Timah Saddle Club, phone bookings: +65 6466 9819, Closed on Mondays.

The moment I step in, I will say I fell in love with the place first before the food. The interior so cozy, my hubby got us a window seat where the boys can look out at the stable while having their food (Just a pity it was raining that day, not many horses to look at). Looking at the vast of greens, it doesn’t seem that I am in Singapore anymore. It just reminds us of The Village Green at Highfields that we use to frequent during our stay at Australia. 🙂 Thanks Hubby, I am loving it so much 🙂

The Interoir, Us and The Boys looking out into the Stables 🙂

The boys sure did enjoy themsleves watching a lady scrubbing down her house though it is a far cry from what they had experience at our home in Aussie where we stay across a range and them feeding the horses every evening with my apples and carrots. They thought that they could do the same here and kept asking us if we could feed it with apples and of course the answer was, “No…” :(.

The Horsy Taking its Bath

Anyway when our food came, it was WOW, Wow, wow….. At least for Clemens and I, our food were absoultely gorgeous. I had the Soft-shell crab egg benedict, while Clemens had ‘The Usual’ which is scramble eggs on toast with sussage and BACON. Yup Bacon is his favourite. 🙂 My egg benedict was absolute divine with the crunchiness of the soft-shell crab in each bite dipped in the runny yolk of the poached eggs. The fresh side greens keeps everything down without giving you the feeling of being over-fed. 🙂

My Soft-Shell Crab Egg Benedict, Clemens's 'The Usual' and Damir's Kiddy Meal

As for my hubby, he ordered the normal egg benedict which he thought was really normal and at the moment he still prefers the one we had at Forty-Hands. As for Damir, we thought we will get him the kids meal that sounded really yummy French Toast Drizzled with Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce topped with Marshmellows but in actual the smell and taste of cinnamon was abit over powering for his liking and not too much to my liking as well.

Hubby and our boys really busy eating 🙂

However overall, we still enjoyed ourelves, the atmosphere, the small talks we made to each other. Time seem to stop for us a little while then and my favourite are these:

Our Ever-sweet Damir

The Manly Clemens

The Boys Debating Who to Have the Last FRIES

Have I mention that the strawberry milkshake is great too but only a little too sweet? Whatever it is, we have decided that this shall be one of our hangouts from now. 🙂

This brunch is great because of who we are with. 🙂


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What A GOOD Friday!!!

If you ever remember that we have promised the boys that we will go kite flying again, well we did. And since it is the public holiday-Good Friday which meant we have more time, we decided to go to Marina Barrage. 🙂

The boys all got all so excited upon seeing all the kites swimming in the blue clouds

Upoon arriving I realised that it is the same old Marina South which my hubby and I use to date. So if you were to ask me, I will prefer the old place with the great vast of green where we can run around instead of the small piece of green where we have on the top of the roof of Marina Barrage now. If ya get what I mean.

Anyway back to the topic, we drove through McDonalds to ‘ta-bao’ (meaning-take-away) some food for our little picnic.

The boys laying out their items

We found a nice place to lay our stuff and because it rained earlier that morning, the field was rather muddy.

The boys quickly got into action and my hubby was again having a hard time getting the kite up because of the wind. 🙂 So flying a kite is not as simple as it seems. 🙂

Daddy fixing up the kite

Our Doreamon preparing to take flight

Yipppe our Doreamon has taken flight

But the boys still enjoyed their themselves very much especially when we rented the scooters for the boys to explore around.

S$10 per half an hour

After a few hours of play, we got so hungry that we had a sumptous steamboat dinner at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. I have been always meaning to try this out but hubby has always felt the price tag abit too hefty. So when he suggested having steamboat for dinner, I quickly jumped at the chance. 🙂

Hubby thinking about what to order

We had the 2 person set meal which is really quite a lot for 2 person but because adding in our 2 little dear boys who finished up the meat, I wished there was more meat. 🙂

But overall, I seriously love the thick and rich soup base. We chose the traditional pork bone soup base and I love the sauce that the lady mix for us with 12 condiments. It was superb yummy espeially when you dip in the meat.

The 12 Condiments

From clockwise: delicious sauce mix from the 12 condiments, the 8 treasure balls, the fresh sallops and and pork, my favourite bamboo clam

There were more food but I only managed to take these. Was too hungry and busy eating.

See hubby and Clemens busy cooking their food in the thick and rich broth. 🙂

Hubby too busy tucking in

Clemens cooking his prawns

As Clemens said, “Best day of the year 🙂 !!” I am looking forward t more of these.


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