All Too Unfamiliar

I can’t imagine that I am going back to school after 10years that even my boys are laughing at me when I broke the news to them. Clemens 1st reaction was, “WHAT!!! Are you kidding mum……?”

Yup this is no kidding and I kind of officially started last Saturday and had the long weekend mauling over the module in the cold classroom when I could have been under the covers of my warm silk blanket.

Notes, reference book and pencil case, they all seem too unreal for me except for the lappy.

2 Weekends to finish a crash bridging course and in the midst of full time work plus kids; I know it sounds crazy. However thank god for giving me an understanding family. With the help of my mum to look after my boys when hubby and I are busy at work, my dad to fetch me to school when my hubby can’t make it and my hubby to take care of the kids when we are home , I have to say, they have got everything plan out for me. 🙂 I am sooooo extremely glad that I have them as my family.

If you ask me how I feel after the 2 days of class, I will have to admit that my brain is kind of rusty even though I have enjoyed my class; and I am finding it a little hard to apply what I have learnt to my assignment because I need time to oil those creaky brains of mine. In order words- I am old and slow, hanging onto what ever I can churning my brain into some kind of a processor.

I just hope I will be able to keep up the positiveness and my sanity for the next 24 months starting from January 2011 where class starts formally.


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