Smoke Salmon Salad with Salmon Roe and Lava Egg

Today is the last day for National Salad Month.

It seems that I am slightly late in sharing this. Anyway better late than never and who says that salad has to be boring. Today I  will be sharing a favourite salad of mine which is totally easy to make and can be made the night b4fore or the day itself, packed with a ice pack, you can bring it to work for lunch. Smoke Salmon Salad with Salmon Roe and Lava Egg. Also because the egg yolk and the salmon roe already has so much favour, there isn’t a need for any salad dressing at all.

Well there is not much to teach in the preparation for this dish. You can use whatever greens you love. I use the green and purple lettuce with a handful of spinach. The lava egg recipe can be found here (I  have omitted the marinating part). The smoke salmon and salmon roes are store bought. Just put them together and you will have 1 of the most amazing lunch ever. 🙂

As I have always said, one of the most important factor in making a salad for work lunch, is to wash and drain dry the vegetables well. I love to packed my salad dressing in another container or bag so that I do not get a box of soggy salad by lunch time. Ice-pack is definitely one of a MUST-HAVES because it not only keeps all the greens fresh and crisp, it also helps to maintain the goodness of the meat and salad dressing.

There this is how I love to pack my salad or food if I am bringing them out for work.

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