It’s Roald Dahl Day And We Made A Roly-Poly Bird Costume!!!

The school letter day came back home stating that it’s going to be Roald Dahl Day on the 11th March 2013 and the boys are to go to school dressed up as 1 of the book’s character using recycled materials. A quarter of me was deflated with, “Not again……….What are we going to this time and how???” But 75% of me was tingling with excitement as though I am a small kid, “What shall he be???? :)” My mind was racing and my fingers were itching for craft work.

Before I go on and if you do not know who Roald Dahl is, he is one of the best writer specializing in children’s book. Imagine that I started reading his collection of books when I was 8 years old and now that I am already turning 30, my kids are also introduced to his books, that should give you an idea of how popular and well known this author is. If you are still not very sure, here is his website:

I personally love his books because of his dark humour. He gives children the wildest opportunities to run amok in their mind, allowing them to play pranks and tricks on their parents, teachers, grandmothers all in his world of books, making children giggle and laugh. He allows the children to dream and he dares them to dream wild, he just simply unlocks and unleashes their imagination. Even at the age of 30, re-reading and introducing his books to my children gives me such a magical bond with them. Allowing me to laugh with them, condoning them on their naughty thoughts. Watching my youngest son reading the short stories all by himself and giggling to himself in those funny words is the most rewarding sight to behold that goes, “YES!! my sons love books!!”

Immerse In Their World Of Roald Dahl

Immerse In Their World Of Roald Dahl

Well enough of the “how much I like the Roald Dahl hoo-ha”. Clemens and I went through a few possibilities. He wanted to be James, in the “James and The Giant Peach” or either the crocodile in “The Enormous Crocodile“. But I had other things in mind and my favourite character is the Roly-Poly Bird (the most beautiful bird with the most colorful tail). So I sort of influenced him by telling him what a heroic bird the Roly-Roly Bird is. Hehehehehehhe……. (“,)

Roly Poly Bird in The Enormous Crocodile

Roly Poly Bird in The Enormous Crocodile

So…. he was totally bought over and CONVINCED. I  googled and came across this and was totally inspired by Mummy Sas. With that we started with our grand plan. It is always good to draw out what you have visualised as a guide but along the way there will always be changes. 🙂

Our Grand Plan

Our Grand Plan

To do this project, all you need is to let your imagination run wild and look around the house. Chances are you will find unused coloured papers, out grown belts, cardboard,  fabrics and of course we purchased some coloured feathers. 🙂

The 1st thing we did is the mask. I measured his face, drew it out and helped him with the colours. It took me a couple of hours.

The Facial Process

The Facial Detailing Process

Step 1 All Done

Step 1 All Done

Next was the wings, I drew out the wings on a cardboard, cut it out, made the holes for rubber band. My hubby is the one who is good with the needle work, so he was the one who secured the bands. Clemens had to stick the base and he decorated the wings with the help of my sister. 🙂 It took us 2 weekends to complete the wings. The initial thought was to use post-its but I reckon we do not have enough (and its expensive too) to go around and we used crepe paper instead.

The Wing Business

The Wing Business

My Favourite

My Favourite

The arm feather guard was made using some fabric, secured with velcro and we stick on the feathers with fabric glue.

Feathery Arm Guard

Feathery Arm Guard

The tail was made using an old belt. we stuck strips of coloured papers to have a long, fuffly tail. 🙂 I made a last minute feather necklace for him, so he wouldn’t look too plain and we decided to use a basket of strawberries (Roly-Poly Bird’s favourite food is the berries) as the prop. 🙂

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

There it is all done and the boys (also all of us) had immense fun. 🙂

Try Out

Try Out

All Done!! :)

All Done!! 🙂

He had to say a few lines to describe himself and this is what he had prepared all by himself.

Hello there I am the Roly Poly Bird (Shaking his colourful tail)

I am the one who save the children from the Enormous Crocodile. (Huge Action)

I also save the monkeys from The Twits………….. (Scary Face)

Now it’s time for me to rest and enjoy my favourite berries (waving his strawberry in the air)

Will you like to try some?? (Grinning)

It was such a hilarious sight to behold with Damir posing as Clemens’s Form Teacher. 🙂

Clemens Having Fun With Damir

Haiz..... Boys Will Be Boys

Haiz….. Boys Will Be Boys

Clemens Having Fun At School



His Classmates

His Classmates

Best 5 Dress In ClassPhoto Credit:

5 Best Dressed In Class
Photo Credit:

From Other Classes:Mr Willy Wonka, The Giraffee and The Enormous Crocodile

From Other Classes:
Mr Willy Wonka, The Giraffee and The Enormous Crocodile

I seriously do enjoy doing these projects with my boys. They are so much easier than exams because it tests them on both their logical and creativity thinking. I love how they tell me, “Mummy how about using plastic bags in our drawers to do up the tail, how about using this colour instead?” so on and so forth. It brings me down to their level and even closer to them. Not to mention they teach me much too. I love how the little 1 watch in awe and was careful in not destroying his big brother’s costume. It fills up our weekend with fun (anyway weekends are meant to be fun isn’t it?). It reminds me how much I love them every single day of my life. 🙂

It has also been a great Monday going to Clemens’s school, looking at all the awe-inspiring costumes of  the little kids. 🙂 It has been truly an amazing Monday Morning!!.

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