Happy Thanksgiving Day

This evening after work, our team is being invited to my boss’s home for a Thanksgiving Dinner. Pardon me for my ignorance but I have never been invited to one before and am rather excited about it that I even googled the history of Thanksgiving Day. It seems long but I guess in short and in my very own understanding, it means a celeberation to give thanks after a good harvest. Am I right?

One very interesting thing about this dinner is that all my boss wants for us is to share something that we are truly thankful for this year. I took this rather seriously and really thought about what I am thankful and I realised I have loads and tons of things to be grateful for. I think I shall just share 3 of the most important things that I am grateful for.

1. Family

Our Very First Family Trip to Hong Kong (though my brother is missing). 🙂

Yup yes family. Without family, where will I even be? For instances:

My parents.No doubt they can be interfering, suffocating and there are even times I feel like running away, yet without my parents support, love and care, I doubt I will ever have my very own family today and even a house I can call home. I will not be able to work worry-free if my mum has not looked after boys.

My siblings. Yes we do fight, argue, get jealous of one another and even throw chairs at each other. However as with the phrase, ‘the blood is always thicker than water’. They are always there in times of needs and we will never ever allow another outsider to bully each other no matter how much we “dislike” each other at times. Especially to my little sisters, I am thankful that they are here to be at my “beck-&-call” whenever I need them.

My ever doting hubby.Again we do have our differences but no matter what, this is the man who has always been there for me (sincec I was 17), compromising me (with complaints), giving me the things I want to the very best of his ability and trying very hard to be supportive of every decision that I had made even though it sounds crazy at times.

My loveliest boys in the entire world. They do bring me heartache and rising blood pressure at times. But without them, will I ever understand what’s giving, what’s unconditional love, what’s laughter and happiness without expectations and many more. These little boys have taught me much much more than anyone could have.

Because of family, I am able to walk without fear. Because of family, I am able to ignore any judgements on me. All this is because, whenever I arrive home, I know I will be showered with unconditional love by people who loves me for who I am.

2. Friendship

My Darlings

I do have my long time old buddies (even longer than I know my hubby). We do not meet very often since we went into tertiary studies. After marriage and kids, the gatherings became even more pathethic thatn ever, even though we have been trying to meet up once a month. These crazy girls are so dear to me that I wonder without them, will I even survive the insanity of being a rebellious teen and much much more. And if you wonder how close we are, well I guess we can talk about almost everything under the sun and moon from personal finances to hubby “taming” and to bed room intimacy.

For the people I met along the way as I moved along in my life, I can’t tell you how grateful and thankful I am for the footprints you have left in me. The help you guys have given me and the laughter you have brought me is one I can never be thankful enough for.

3. The Country I Stay In

I know I know, you are going to ask me, “Sure anot???” Seriously in every country, there will be bound to have people who are full of disgrunt for the country’s policy, the rising cost for standard of living, the economic crisis. Frankly speaking I am one of them too. Yet looking at the positivie side, we are really one the safest country in the world. Free of natural disaster and the freedom to walk out late at night, for this I am truly grateful.

Now that I have shared mine, it is your turn to stop and think what you are grateful for. It is quite interesting to put away your worldly pursuit and think for a little while on this.

P.S: This is what I brought to share 🙂 Seriously hope that the guys do enjoy it.

A Blueberry Lemon Pound & A Triple Chocolate Orange Pound


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