I Need To Learn To Have More FAITH

I realised that I have not been blogging since mid September. Well this is because other than being seriously busy, I have not been really in the mood as there are some other things weighing on my mind which I might perhaps later on share.

As for this entry, it is all about Clemens’s exciement and achievement. He has his 2nd swimming competition this year. I was rather surprise with his enthusiasm to participate after the set back earlier this year and especially the lack of training these months.

In fact on the actual day itself, he woke up earlier than us to prepare and was pestering us to get ready to fetch him as well. And therefore we arrived at an  empty pool.

Still too Early

So Many Medals Being Laid Out. Will any one of it belongs to C?

Anyway when the event started, we were suprised at his spurt of energy leading at the first (which was quite a wrong thing to do), only to be out of energy at the finishing, tailing behind. He was signed up for 5 50meter events namely, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and a breastroke relay by his coach which made me shudder at the thought of it, wondering, “Is Coach out of his mind? How can Clemens ever do it? I have hardly seen him finish a 50meter in a competitive way before.” I seriously really thought he might just give up when I remembered how once I had given up half way through a swimming competition as I thought I was going out of breathe and I only took part in 2 events.

Given his small frame, build and his really strong competitors (I know as they practice on a at least 4 times a week basis, while Clemens’s practices has to be based on hubby’s and mine work schedule which gives him no chance of training at all sometimes even 2 weeks in a row), I am amazed and touched by his spirit going on, pressing on even he knows there are others infront of him. For these I am THANKFUL to Coach Andy and Fiona from Aquatic Masters for having more faith in my son than myself.

Coach Andy & His Team

My Boy-Clemens

Even though he only won 2nd in the team relay because of the super fast last swimmer in the team, Clemens is already a winner in all aspects in my heart. Throughout the hours of sitting though the competition, I see my son enjoying himelf, his peserverance to press on even though he was lagging behind and his sportmanship attitude and his interpersonal skills as he goes around chatting people up. All these made me see him in  a totally different light from our usual days encounters where he can be rather grumpy, dreamy and someones who gives up at the slightest hardship at times. And again, I know no matter what, I am always proud to shout out that, “Clemens is my son!!”

On my part, I also realised what wonderful grandparents an aunties my boys have even though both aunties and nephews will have their rub-ins at time. I have so many people to be thankful for.

  • I will like to once again thank Coach Andy and Fiona (from Aquatic Masters) for training him despite his limited trainings and also for havving more faith in Clemens than me- as his mum.
  • I am thankful for my dad for his paitence and dropping us at the pool despite Clemens’s bugging and calling him to hurry. 🙂
  • I am thankful for my mum‘s companionship.
  • I am thankful for my sisters’ help for running here and there, taking note of his events, for taking  so many beautiful shots of the event and also entertaining Damir at the same time.

Clemens In Action

V…. for Victory!!

Monkeying With FRIENDS

Getting Ready………

Oooops you mean it’s my turn already???

Ready…Get Set…….

GO!!!! and Swim…………………………

Hehehehehehe Medal Time

Group Photo

With His Fans…………………..

What’s Our Damir Doing?? 🙂

So what’s our Damir doing all these time? Monkeying around of course………..

Cheering for Gor Gor (meaning big brother)

Being entertained by aunty


With Love ones 🙂

P.S: I think this time round, it was a wonderful opportunity for Clemens to grow and also for my hubby and I to not to “look down” on our kids. Hehehehehehe Hubby has told him, “As long as you get any 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any event I will get you a Pokemon DS game.” and you guys know what? All these were said because we believed that he will not get any prize for this competition. Sheesh (-_-“)

Anyway because his paternal granny was also so proud of him that she bought it for him instead. 🙂 Lucky boy to be loved by so many people.

Boys will be boys 🙂

One more photo to share before I end this entry.

See our Swimmer acting all like a baby with mummy cradling him and grandma feeding him lunch. 🙂

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