Our Artsy-Fartsy Project: Happy Teacher Day’s Day

It is nearing Teacher’s Day again and every year, I try to do something with my boys to show the appreciation we have for their teachers. So this year is no exception. (This is what we did last year, with some Americal Toll House Cookies). I just realised that we have the same concept this year of kneading, rolling and stretching except for a more adult cookies and handmade memo pegs as part of the packaging.

Our First Batch of Pressies

Nevertherless the boys really had fun making those pegs. They were so serious brainstorming for the ideas, ok alright I decided the cookie and they decided the rest. 🙂

Memo Pegs, Tags and Sample Packaging (From anti-clockwise)

and of course………

Green Tea Cookies (Will share recipie next week :))

My Boys Seriously Kneading, Rolling and Stretching

Clay Work

Kitchen Work

If you are wondering what we used to make those little figurines on the pegs……

THe Boys’ Work of Art

It is Jumping Clay that we used and there is a really simple tutorial on how to make a lady bug which the boys can follow very well.

Our Jumping Clay

From now till Teacher’s Day celebration, you still have a few more days (rather limited days though) so if you have some any other form of clay on hand and urgently need to make something, I have included a easy peasy  step-by-step photo on how yo make simple flowers.

A rather time-consuming project it may be but I believe the best present I can give my kids’ teachers are by incaclulating the meaning of presents that come from the bottom of the heart which is SINCERITY. And of course I have my own advantage too that is parent-and-child bonding. 🙂

Happy Teacher’s Day to All The Teachers Around the World !!


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