A Totally Unexpected Gift

Well the hubby is back finally and he usually comes back with lots of loots for the boys leaving me insanely “jealous” – with the thought of “What about me????” Well alright, he always buys me a bottle of perfume but I kind of thought it was getting boring. Yet again, bland it maybe but somehow, it makes me flutter and happy in the heart, if you get what I mean (such a contradicting woman I am, ain’t I?).

Anyway, here is hubby soaking up in sweat while unpacking.

Hubby Thinking of What to Unpack

And look at what he has gotten for the kiddos. Everything what little boys will like!!




The Boys All Really Happy

And the kids were jumping around with HUGE MEGA smiles.

And all I got again was…….

Perfume and Empty Pandora Box

You must be thinking why he used an empty Pandora box? The hubby knew that the Pandora Charm Bracelet was one of my long time I-WANT-IT item and so it was like a GOTCHA for him to see my excited face falling all down into disappointment. 😦

I never really bare to part with my money for the Pandora because with the bracelet going from S$120.00 plus onwards and each basic charm ranging from about S$60.00 plus onwards, it was seriously not cheap.  Yet again compared with the charms from The-Little-Blue Box, to me the Pandora charms are so much more unique.

Anyway aside from my story of how I wish to have it, I was lamenting to my hubby on how he has not bought me any jewllery in our 12 years of being together other than the wedding ring. 😦 So when I saw that little white box, my heart skipped a beat, thinking that, “ohhhhh…….. at least he got me a ring” only to find an empty box. 😦 You should have totally seen my sullen face and my hubby’s smirks and grins as if he has gotten a prize.

And then that was when he whip out a bigger size Pandora box that sets me beaming from ear to ear again 🙂

This time round, there was really a charm bracelet in it!!

A Totally Unexpected Gift

I was seriously happy because I know even if he got me a ring I will still be as happy. 🙂

Once again how can I not love those charming charms? 🙂

Those Unique Cute Little Charms

P.S: Thanks hubby and just to let you know, there are more room for those little charms and an empty ring box for you to put a ring in. (“,)


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