I Survived Single Motherhood!!

The last time I wrote about my fear that my hubby is leaving us for work and in a flash, the hubby is already returning home tomorrow evening and the boys are really elated about it. As for me, I am happy to know that I have managed to challenge myself into keeping my sanity and am still enjoying it. 🙂 I guess the boys are in better control since I am Empress Dowager at home now :).

Anyway there were many things that we managed to do.

I attended Clemens 1st performance in school.Managed to get Damir to improve on his handwriting and I will have to say the boys were AWESOME!!!

Damir & His Chinese Handwriting

The Boys and Their Sticker Book

I also got to see Clemens attend his violin lesson and best of all I still managed to cook for us, made amazing lunchboxes for Clemens. Plus I tried a new recipe.

Clemens 1st Violin Lesson

Simple Udon, Beef-Bowl Rice, Spam & Egg Sushui and Tuna Sandwiches (From top-left in a clock-wise direction)

I thought it was rather amazing of me to finish work, rush home and still bring the boys for their swimming lesson.

My Little Flying Fishes

I guess the thing that I dislike most was the juggling of housework but I am just so lucky to have a doting mummy who takes GREAT care of my boys and pops by occassionally to clean up our mess, which seriously made things alot easier for me. Thanks mummy 🙂

My World’s Best Mummy

And did I even mentioned that during all these while, I managed to sit for 2 exams paper: A Management and Finance paper. (Crossing my finger that I pass them :))

Now that the hubby is back, the boys won’t be able to ‘bunk-in’ with me and of course I do have my own plans. I am going to:

  • Resume my exercise routine,
  • Take care of my inner-self,
  • Hang out with my grilfriends once a month, and
  • Starting preparing for term 3 of school.
  • And most importantly, I hope I can find more time to update this blog of mine 🙂

Whatever it is, that was how fufilled my life was for the past 1 month.

Just Us 🙂

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