A Copy & Paste Entry

Yes it seems really seriously long when I made the last entry especially on My Boys’ Paradise. There are really many things that I want to share but I seriously lack the time to do so and it seems sadly 😦 that my hobby of blogging and sharing has kind of taken a back seat.

Anyway today I am going to make an entry in My Boys’ Paradise all because I have decided to copy and paste from Clemens’s Show & Tell topic from last week- “MY FAVOURITE PLACE” . Yup call me lazy or whatsoever but I thought it was rather well written by him (or at least I thought so) with minimal modification by me. So here is how it goes:

Good morning Teachers and Friends. Today I am going to talk about my favourite place. My favourite place is the Wild Wild Wet. We go there whenever my daddy gets the corporate card from his company. My brother and I love this place because it is a huge water-themed park with lots of gigantic slides.

My family and I like to wait at the “Professor’s playground” for the BIG water bucket to splash down us. I enjoy the “ULAR-LAH” the best because we can scream happily as a family pretending to be very afraid going down the scary slide in an enormous float.

There is this ride called the “Slide-Up”. It is only for bigger boys. I will love to try it out when I am much bigger. We always go back home when the park closes feeling tired and happy.

There is it and I thought it pretty much has already talked about the more interesting ride. To add on, it has been voted as 2012 Best Overall Water Theme Park by TimeOut Singapore.

I realized we do not have many of the photos as most of time we were more concerned about having fun than taking photos. 🙂

So if you do want some water cool, do consider dropping by. 🙂


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