One Of My Most Fearful and Empty Moments

The time has come for my hubby to leave us for work again. Yup it is for a full 1.5 months. The timing is seriously not the best with my exams coming and Clemens’s school test crashing with mine, I feel at quite a total lost with the fear that I might neglect Damir as well.

Over the years, I have seem to grow even more attached to my hubby because he is always the one helping around the house from ironing school uniform to cleaning the turtle tank and of course keeping my temper with the boys in check.

Even this time, he was willing to forgo this trip for us but how could I bear to ‘jeapordise’ his career which he has made a switch to. So oh well, I might as well make thes best of the situation even though this is not really the best time. 🙂

Awaiting for Hub’s Return. 🙂

Anyway all the boys and I wish for is for hubby’s safe arrival and return and may his work be smooth-going.


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