How Can I Not Love Him?

My Dearest Clemens

Many people says that I love Damir more than you which is actually not true. I love both of you equally but because of different expectations, the kind of love is also expressed differently. Because you are my eldest son, my expectation of you seems to naturally more in terms of everything. I actually wanted more for you.

Although we can argue and have our differences many a times, you are almost every bit like me. Looking at you now is just like me looking into the mirror. Even the time I was young, you have those traits too. Seriously deep down in my heart, I know I love you very very much.

I know when you were at Kindy, I will do a mini celeberation for you at school but decided to stop this year because I wish for you to learn that things do not come easy. I love how you took it in your stride though I know you were disappointed. I love how sensible you are when I told you that I can’t celeberate it for you on this actual day itself and that I won’t be getting you a cake.

I realised how sensible, thoughtful and considerate you are when all I got for you is a ………..

Kinder Surpise

Which already brought smiles to your face. 🙂

I am just can’t express how glad I am that you-this fine young man is my son.


For now, I wish that god will keep you in the palm of his hands to love and protect you always.

Love and Full of Kisses Always,

Your Mummy.


In The End, I Still Bought Him A Cake

A Belated Celeberation For Him At The Line. 🙂


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