The Fathers These Days

**Updates: Managed to snap a photo of the 2 fathers of my life sharing  frozen cheese cake 🙂 Sweet………..

Clemens Behind, Damir Infront

This is a really old and raw photo which is not the nicest photo the boys have with dad. But it is my FAVOURITE because it kinda of portrays the dad these days where they can muti task, almost as well as the woman. Wash, change diapers and handling more than 1 kid………, you name it and most of them can do it though my hubby can’t cook.

It also potrays the close bonding between fathers and kids.

And how can I forget my own father-the traditional one (stern and no nonsesnse dad who dosen’t care about what is going on ih the household as long as he brings back the $$) who has mellowed with the tide to try to be like dad these days though he still doesn’t like to do the ‘girly’ suff but he sure look after my kids well (no problem with changing daipers too) and absoultely dotes on them. 🙂

Dad with my Kiddos and Mum 🙂


The 2 Greatest Daddies of My Life 🙂


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