An Intimate Shopping Trip

If you have followed me, you will realised that I have been having a weight issue. And also because I have given birth twice and neglected myself, I also have the problem of sagging skin hence I have decided to take the advice of my mum and many close friends to wear the waist clincher dilegently in order to “keep the skin back”. But it was really difficut to find one that was affordable and comfortable that I can manage fuss free and something I know that I can keep wearing it and not chuck it aside (if you get wad I mean).

Anyway I happen to step into Chaloné today and I found this (or should I say the helpful lady assistant recomended it to me:

SKYLA Waist Clincher (1082) in Nude & Black

One look at it, I kinda of knew that was exactly I was look for.

$89.90 per piece with a $20 discount if you get 2 pieces

It has 2 buckle strips at the front with a front zip. This was just so easy without having me to fret about how i am going to mange those with the buckles at the back. The only catch is you seriously have to suck in your tummy as best as you can to prevent from zipping up your own skin. Once you pass that, everything is just perfect.

2 pieces of buckle strips with the zip all settled at the front. So easy

I did not even want to remove it and ask the lady to cut away the tag instead after  which I continue walking down the roads of orchard for a good 3-4 hours. No sweat, the material is breatheable and even my ongoing backache problem seems to have ease off as it corrects my posture and pulls everything together.

I am really lazy to take my measurement but the lady had mentioned that if I put it on diligently on a daily basis, most proberly in 6 months time I will be able to switch these down 2 sizes smaller. Hope that works.

For those also looking for something like that, below is the adress where I got it from though I realised there are other outlets as well.

And just I head home, my mummy called me and told me excitedly that the slimming & firming girdle that I wanted was going really cheap at And it is seriously cheap compared to the ones that I saw at the malls.

So yup I ordered 2 pieces of it and am now waiting for the reply and delivery.

It is indeed an intimate shopping spree today. 🙂


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