A Challenge For Myself

My heart feels funny, I am sweating alot more than I should (not sure if it is the weather though)  and I have been feeling seriousy easily tired.  I also seriously cannot imagine that since September 2011, I have gained a WHOOPING…… 7KG!! Mind you that is alot and standing at 152cm, I am totally flabbagested to see my weighing scale shoot up to 72.5kg. Toally disgusting isn’t it???

And it does not help with the fact that when I am studying at home, I can actually down 1 pint of ice-cream and finish a whole bag of chips (or perhaps even more).

Looking at my past photos, I seriously wonder what have I done to myself? Why am I not looking after myself at all?

Me@2006 (After Birth of Clemens)

Me@2007 (After Birth of Damir)

Me@Oct 2011

Me Now Over 70+kg 😦

Looking at the progression of the photos, I am so TOTALLY UNIMPRESS!!!

Hence I will like to challenge myself to a 365 days of healthy living in aim of loosing at least 10kg . I realised I did it half way from March to July 2011 (last year). So I hope I can perserve longer this time round.


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