The Vocabulary List

As promised to my boys , I booked the 3D tickets to watch Madagascar 3- Europe’s Most Wanted with my boys today since I was on leave. We really had a fun filled day shopping, eating and catching up. One of the most erm…. interesting talk of the day with my boys was during our lunch at McDonalds.

  • Clemens: (opening up his cup of corn) Mummy!!! Look at my BASTARD corn!!!!!!!
  • Me: (Toally shocked) What did you just say?!!!!!!
  • Clemens: BASTARD corn mum………
  • Me: Do you know that is 1 of the worst “B” word you can ever use on someone? Do you even know what it means?
  • Clemens: Oh really………… then mummy can you please tell me what it means so I won’t use it again.
  • Me:  Do you know when someone calls you a bastard, it means you do not have a daddy with you? It is relly hurting.
  • Clemens: (with the most unassuming and innocent expression) But I am right what mum, daddy is not out with us today so we are bastards.
  • Damir: (Wide-eye innocence) So mummy, we are bastards??????
  • Me: (Stone, stune, shock) That is not how it goes or means……… (-_-“). It means when a boy and a girl do not get married and they have a baby.
  • Clemens:Why they don’t get married???

I was really runnning out of innovative ideas to explain to him. Thinking really hard on how to explain the ‘illegitimate child’  I decided to touch a little bits of the birds and bees, after much struggle. So……….

  • Me: Erm….. you see daddy and mummy sleep together because we are married. If a boy and girl sleep together not married and have a baby, the baby is called a bastard. So if someone calls you bastard it is not right because your daddy and mummy is married. And I don’t want you to use it on other people because you might not always know the truth. Do you understand me?
  • Clemens: Ok I understand now, I will not use the worst “B” word again.

Phew……… and just as I thought all was finally over………..

  • Clemens: Mummy, can you please tell me what is FUCK???????
  • Me: (Oh god not again, I really do not know how to explain this) Clemens, mummy really do not know how to tell you but it is the worst “F” word around. Let it be our secret word and I will tell you when you are 10 years old. Just promise me you won’t say it out for now. (yup you can see I am buying time for now)
  • Clemens: Alrighty mum………….

and then………………

  • Damir: Mummy is STUPID a bad word?
  • Me: (really exhausted from racking my brain cells to explain) Not really Damir but it is not nice to use it on people. It is mean.
  • Damir: But daddy is always scolding us stupid……….

Daddy are you reading this NOW??????

And mind you that we were having this dicussion in a public place where I have eyes from the next table glancing over occassionally and I was just trying to look so cool about it like, “What’s the big deal?”. It is the kind of moment where you wish that the floor will just open up so that you have a place a hide.

So… today I learnt that is my boys’ list of expletives vocabulary. Am I worried? Well I am a half here and half there meaning, I need to be more aware of my boys surroundings, and I am glad that they are asking me so I know 1st hand of what is going on around them. Because of this and with our open communication (instead of shutting them up) I was also able to know where they get this “rich” list from.

Anyway, the day was really good, with the boys and I seriously enjoying the movie, laughing our lungs out. Kids or adults looking for a funny movie should not miss this at all.

And because it included shopping and eating, here are the damages:

Popcorn & Movie

While Waiting For their Food

The Boys’ High Tea @ Canele 🙂

Shoppings~ All Theirs

All the Cuties

Clemens 🙂

Damir 🙂

Dinner Ended with Their Cousin-Girlee

I seriously have had a wonderful day though my hubby feels that I should go back to work. But anyway the boys feel that I should be at home with them. 🙂


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