Kids Sleep-Over Party

My boys 1st sleep over party? Well no and nope exactly did they go over to their friend’s house to do that. They are still too young. What I meant was, my boys really have these “annoying” habits of bunking in with us over the weekends, making full use of the situation by “theatening” me saying, “Mummy can we sleep with you, if not we will not go home with you.” Oh gosh look at the boys I have raised (-_-“).

Transforming our usually spacious bedroom into some crampy place (just like when I sleep over at my granny’s place when I was younger :))

Our Usually Spacious Room

Looking Like a “Dumpster” 🙂

It is not as if they do not have their own bedroom, in fact I feel  they have a bedroom that some kids will wish to have. nothing fantastic but seriously enough to be filled with their favourite toys.

The Boys’ Room

But as my hubby always says, “If not now then when? By the time you wish for them to come back and squeeze in, they might not even want it anymore.”

Oh well, what more could be said?

The Sneaky Boys

The boys just won themselves a sleep-over again. 🙂


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