Happy Mother’s Day to All The Super Mums Out There

“The Hardest Job In The World, Is The Best Job In The World”

Clemens is 7 years old, Damir is 5 years old. I will say one of my greatest achievement is to have them in my life. I am not sure if they are my hardest job because they have not given me much probem when I was a full time mum and even being a working mum, I am very lucky to have my own mother taking care of them and a supportive hubby who is always there.

Though not hard, it is a different kind of challenge. The challenge that makes you feel that you are constantly on a roller coaster not knowing what surprises will come out and this ride is a never ending ride even till the day they set up their own family.

Whatever it is, being a mother in today’s context has brought motherhood to a whole new level and I will like to wish all mothers out there a very:

And I will also like to thank:

My Little Darlings

for giving me this wonderful opportunity of being a MUM!!

The BeST job in the world!!


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