My Little Man

A few days ago I receive a call that I guess no mum will not want to receive.Ring Ring ………….goes my phone.

  • Caller: Is that Damir’s mum?
  • Mum: Yup That is me. Who is that?
  • Caller: Damir’s got injured in school.
  • Mum: Huh……. What’s happen?

That is when the teacher started explaining how he cut himself with the scissors during Art & Craft lesson and was bleeding quite alot. Without hesitating, I just packed up and left the office. On the way I was just thinking, “oh gosh, I hope nothing too serious had happened.”

Damir being the baby of our family is one the most accident-prone child we had. He had just broken his head a year ago when he dropped into the drain and now I am told he cut himself with the scissors??????? I was trying to imaagine all the things he had done to cut himself and all the possible questions. Did he try to bite the scissors???? Did he accidentally cut the paper and push it to his lips? Did he cry badly? Was stitches needed? What kind of scissors were they using at school?”

By the time I arrived at the medical centre, I was told that they had just left back for school. So it was back to school. When I saw my baby, he had this huge ugly plaster on top of his lips.

The Nasty Bandage

I was also told how brave he was without shedding a single drop of tear.  All he did when it happen was he just pressed his hands to his bloody wound which totally freak the teachers out which I am really proud of.

Anyway when I finally got the whole story together, I wasn’t exactly happy with what the teachers told me initially that he cut himelf when it was actually a classmate who did it. Still when I saw my baby alright, the teachers freaked out, the other parent apologizing profusely and his best friend crying her heart out, what more can I say as long as my baby is fine.

No nope I am not angry with his classmate as I understand it is all child’s play and she never meant. Through this I can also see what a fine little boy I have when he was consoling his little friend not to cry and he is alright.

  • Damir: Don’t cry C, don’t worry I am fine.
  • Classmate: (still crying)
  • Damir: (Patting n wiping away her tears) I am a man 🙂
  • Damir: (To classmate’s dad) Uncle don’t scold her ok.

Hehehe this boy of mine, even when hurt really never fails to bring laughter to my heart. 🙂

The Nasty Cut Getting Better

The Really Really Sweet Card made by the Classmate. 🙂


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