Clemens’s First Show & Tell – My Family

Ever since Clemens embarked on his new journey to Primary School, there has been alot of first time for him. From his first orientation to his first medal, he had his first chinese test yesterday. Though the marks weren’t impressive but as a mummy, you will know when he has put in his effort and that is kind of enough for me at the moment.

Anyway today he has his  first mock show and tell test about My Family. It did at first sound fun especially when we had so many photos to choose from:

Our 2010 Trip to Hong Kong

Our 2012 Trip to Tokyo

Celebrating My Hubby’s 30th Birthday

And I was really delighted when he chose this:

An Australian-Shaped Wall Plague Made by My Hubby

Writing the script was not every difficult too as ideas were flowing in but rehersing them I will say was a really hard nut to crack. After an hour so, he was loosing his concentration and me loosing my cool. The situation was totally heated up and teary that made me feel like the WORLD’S MEANEST MUM.

Clemens Rehersing Hard Through The Night

Yet looking at him this morning, I knew he totally can pull it off. I seriously can’t be more proud of him. 🙂

A Lot Much More Fluent Than The Previous Night

Anyway here is his script to share:

Good morning Mrs Thomasz and friends. Today I am going to talk about my family.

Who are your family members?

My family members are my father, mother, little brother and I.

What have you brought today?

Today I have brought a plague.

When is the plague made?

 This plague was made by my father when we were staying in Australia.

Why do you like this plague?

I love this plague because it has many photos of us doing things together.

Which are your favourite photos?

My favourite photos are me on the trike, me in the SuperPuma helicopter and the family photo taken at the cotton farm.

I also love the light house at Byron Bay.

How much did you and your family enjoy your stay in Australia?

My family and I enjoyed ourselves very much in Australia.

We wish to go back again.

Reading his script has really brought me back memories too. I seriously miss seeing them so carefreely happy.

Those Alot Much Happier and Carefree Days

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