Finally…… A Little Breather

Gone are my assignments and mid-term exams for the trimester leaving a month away to my finals. 🙂 Hence I am finally able to catch some time with my kiddos before their 1st term holiday ends.

There was not much time time left leaving only the weekends and so we went to watch this movie that Clemens have been harping on when the shots 1st came out and that is…….

Picture curtesy from

We watched it in 3D- which actually has brought movies to a whole new level and we enjoyed ourselves so much that there were constant bursts of laughter not only by us  but the other auiences as well. Cute as the movie is, this is a truly meaningful story too about how important trees are to us and the universe supplying us with fresh air.

Having their quick lunch before the movie 🙂

Our favourite character will be the orangey look-alike garfield cat that speaks for the tree, the singing fishes and the little bear.

If you do not get what I mean and are curious about it, do catch the movie before it runs out.

Anyway because my boys love going to the movies so much, our next movie date will be the Madagascar 3 in 3D. 🙂

Picture curtesy from

This is another 3D movie that I am so looking forward to my boys. 🙂

And have I mention that I am insanely crazily enjoying ferrying my lung-screaming boys around. This is something that I have missed so much for the past month.

A Car of Chittering and Chattering Kids 🙂


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