Clemens & His First Medal

I cannot imagine how time flies and it is already March. Nope this blog is not yet dead but with the juggle of family, kids and endless assignment from my studies, it has seem to suck out all my breathe.

Anyway a few interesting things to recall:


  • Clemens started his Primary School journey.
  • We went to a 5 days 4 nights Tokyo trip.


Now back to Clemens which I have been wanting to share so much only to find time now. Clemens has taken to school rather well only with some difficulties here and there. Within a span of 3 months, he has already taken part in 2 competitions.

The first was a swimming heats which he came in 1st in the 1st round. However due to him not paying attention well, he somehow got disqualified from the finals. There was abit of disappointment though but again I have never been more proud of him because I have never seen him swim with all his might before. Here is a video link: Clemens Swimming Heats and yup the fastest kid is my boy.

Clemens Preparing for His Heats 🙂

Now though he miss the medal for his swimming, he just recently participated in a super hero comic coustume made from recycled materials and he got a 3rd prize.

Clemens’s 3rd Prize Medal

And our winning costume is … … Ninja Turtle!

Clemens Excitedly Practicing His Rap

See the top 3 winners of his class. Grinning so happily.

The Top 3 Winners of P1-Gentleness

Well of course there was a load of fun and hardwork behind the coustume that brought us back to the secondary days.

Our Backstage Works:

Daddy, Mumy and Mummy’s Besties Hard at Work

Mummy’s Bestie Doing A Tryout and Haing Loads of Fun

Well I guess that is all for now and after my 1st term I will be able to update more 🙂


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