Review: Into The Magic Faraway Land of Rousseau

Some time ago, I have written about me wishing to have a 3D magic jungle collage in my boys’ room and true enough, I have 2 of them now.

But because I am so the very exhausted from this weeks activities (which I will blog about some time later), I shall let the pictures do the talking and you can see  how much my boys have enjoyed Teacher Ron’s class.

Anxiously Waiting for Class to Start

Teacher Ron Patiently Guiding Them

Drying the Background

Damir Starting to Fill in his Dried Frame

And there you go…….

It Is DONE!!

Damir Showing Off

Clemens' Turn to Show Off

Now that Teacher has helped them with the Frame, it is show off time together with friends….

The Students of Teacher Ron

And have I mentioned that they made New Friends……

The Kids call this Watching TV Programmes

The have the various channels from Disney Junior to Cartoon Network.

And now I don’t even have a chance to decide where I want to hang those up as it is right above their own corner of the bed.

Clemens' Corner

Damir's Corner

See what are you waiting for? Hurry!! There are still 3 more classes to go (Check out details over here) .

Do Not Miss Out this fun filled opportunity, register over here and let your kids enjoy themselves.


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