Before The School Holidays End… …

Today is finally the end of the year-end holidays before the school finally reopens for the boys tomorrow :). We had initially thought about staying home the whole day, lazing and idling around, when my hubby took out the kite that was given to Clemens during his Primary One Orientation and so it was off to kite-flying in the early evening at a near by park.

You can see how happy the boys are

And how hard daddy is trying to fix the kite.

Then YEAH!!! The kite is fixed :).

It has been a long time since we flew a kite and I guess the last was when we were in Aussie but because I have taken the simple daily bliss for granted, there was never photo taken. 😦

Anyway it is never too late and now it is time to FLY THAT KITE!!

I am not sure if it is the wind’s problem for being inconsistent, material of the kite or the kite flying skill had turned rusty, it seems to take a while for the  kite to be up there for awhile.

As you can see……

The boys helped out.

They managed to get it up mid air.

Only to have it coming it down again.

They tried again but it seems more like a tug-a-war.

Then Damir decided to monkey around.

Then both boys decided to run away.

Leaving Dad really frustrated that he strike an ultra-man pose. 🙂

Clemens came back, gave another try with dad.

And finally our little kite is soaring next to a gigantic kite (or at least it seems HUGE beside ours)

Now hubby swore to get a better kite for the boys the next time round.

Well, after all the sweat, laughter and frustrations, it is backed to reality at home.



I hope they have their filled of fun and joy now that they are going to start school again especially for Clemens who is officially entering into another phase of his life: Primary School.


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