Good Bye 2011 and Welcome 2012

I cannot imagine that time actually flies so fast that we are already at the last day of Twenty-Eleven. 2011 has its mixture of happiness and sadness for us but the positives seems to have outweigh its negatives.

2011 has seen my hub’s close ones-his dad and his granddad passing on just 2 weeks one after another. But this has seems to have taught us to treasure our everyday more and has also seem to have brought the family a little more closer.

Hub, kids & MIL

It has also seen my mum pass through a rather major operation of removing her entire thyroid gland. She has recovered well and it has not seems to deter her from “screaming” at her top of lungs again.

My dad has also went through a heart operation and have began to watch what he puts into mouth though there are times where there is always a little craving.

Mum & Dad to be ever-loving

On the brighter side, our first joy was when Clemens got balloted into Catholic High Primary School with the lucky number 22 at the last 5 slots. Then I switched to a job which has actually seen the increase of my income in a good way and another switch of job which is so-called permanent. So I am rather satisfied with what I am doing now. The next surprising thing is for such a lazy person such as I, have actually enrolled in a part-time degree (Now I wonder what I got myself into). My hubby has also gotten a role change in his job and is now looking forward to another detachment in the States from another 2.5yrs from now. I am so seriously looking forward to it. Till then I am keeping my fingers cross.

So as it all sums up, 2011 seems not to be a bad year after all.

As for 2012, what am I looking for? I am not very sure my self too. I just hope for:

  • My hubby’s career to progress after we do benefit from him being good.
  • My boys will grow up honoring brotherhood.
  • Our parents and family will be healthy, happy and contented.
  • My mum and dad to be ever loving.
  • Clemens will be able to adapt to primary school life and I look forward to studying together with him.
  • My siblings to enjoy their life to the fullest.
  • My besties to be all happily and blissfully married.

Hoping for the Brother to Enjoy Each Other's Company NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS 🙂

Hope Our Ties will Only grow Stronger as the Year Goes By

Most of all, I of course wish for another smooth-sailing year without too many hiccups after all there is really nothing much for me to covert after any more. With a supportive mum & dad, a loving hubby, 2 great but ever-bickering boys, 3 great friends who are always there for me, a roof over our heads and a mini little transport to bring us to where ever we want to go. What more can I ask for?

Just a Happy Smooth Sailing 2012 will suffice and I wish the same for you guys. 🙂

Me & My Favourite Sparkling Sake (A Nice Way to Start the New Year With)

Have some party booze and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to 2012!!


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