Boxing Day, A Special Day

The boys woke up really early this morning because it is BOXING DAY which means time to open those really longingly coveted presents only to find a bare bottom Christmas tree. How did this happen? That is because my hubby had decided to hatch a really really evil plan the night before (that is to tell the boys that Santa had decided to take back all their pressies because they have not been exceptionally good this year). So this was what went on this morning at 8am today:

A little knock on our room’s door

  • Clemens: (tugging my hub’s feet) Dad, we have a small problem.
  • Dad: What is the problem? It is still early go have more sleep.
  • Clemens: Our presents are gone……..
  • Damir: (Shaking my shoulders really hard) Mum…… our presents are gone!!
  • Mum: (pretending to yawn) Damir you must be dreaming.
  • Dad: (trying to control a laughter, he told the boys) I think I heard a jingling ling sound. Did you boys heard it?
  • The Boys: Noooooo…. We’re Sleeping really soundly. We did not hear anything….. 😦
  • Dad: I think Santa must have taken back your presents because you boys have not been really good.
  • Damir: There is no such thing as Santa!!
  • Clemens: I think a thief broke into our house.

Looking at the boys thinking really hard with their eyebrows knitted really tightly together with deep frowns was really a hilarious sight. Such a funny sight it was that my hubby finally gave up and returned all their gifts to them where they broke into their mega smile. 🙂

The Boys Happily In Action

How I Wish I am A Kid Again

Who Says Only The Kids Have It?

While it is a Happy Boxing Day for most kids, Boxing Day also marks a very special day for my hubby and I. It is our 7th Year Wedding Anniversary.Yup 7 years of bickering and fighting over everything big and small of course plus happy moments too and we have survived it through.

Now if you remembered in October I have written that we have enjoyed the buffet at Melt The World Cafe very much, my hubby had planned a dinner there as well for tonight. I am not sure because if I had enjoyed it the 1st time very much so I have been anticipating it for the 2nd time that it no longer seems as exciting as it was for the 1st time. Or was it because the sight of fresh live fat worms dropping from my oyster shells with their heads dancing at me kills off the appetite (I wish I had the state of calmness to take a picture of it rather than immediately calling for the waitress). Anyway the way the manager on duty who handled the matter was a total turn-off. Yep he did apologize but he went on telling us that worms spotted on oysters are so common that it happens all the time and he went on saying some are even so small that you will not even be able to spot it, that is why many people do not like eating oysters. I was like urgggg………. Even if I understand that sea worms are a norm on oysters, that is not the kind of stuff we will like to hear from a manager at a fine-dinning restaurant such as this. There was no sincerity in the apology at all except for him going on and on on how normal it is to find live dancing worms on your oysters and you might even have extra-protein if you do not spot one that is so small that you actually swallow it. What a way to have a “happy” wedding anniversary.

Pictures Before The “Dancing” Worms

Boys With Ultra Large Ginger Bread House & Their Favourite Chocolate Fondue

Nice Display of Food

Gentle Reminder: Extra Traces of Protein May be Found. Worms At Sight, Eat At Your Own “Pleasure”

Moreover  the BBQ section was closed up making the food even more limited. I guess the only plus point was the desert was still as good and they gave a complimentary mini chocolate cake in celebration for the anniversary. But again how to be happy when such a thing happen. I doubt we will be patronizing them for a long time. I believed I had enjoyed our lunch at the Redhill Market a lot much more which is only for a fraction of the price paid for the dinner.

However the pressie given to me by my hubby has over ridden the unpleasant encounter at the restaurant.

My X’mas Cum Anniversary Gift

A present paid for by my hubby and design chosen by my boys (with another funny story behind). This pressie was meant to be a surprised gift when the 3 of them 1st bought it. However on the same day when my hubby picked me up from work, this was what happen:

  • The Boys: Mummy we have a surprise present for you!
  • Dad: (Nearly fainting) Sush……… Keep Quiet!
  • Mum: It must be a wallet!
  • Clemens: (before dad can say anything) How did you know???!!!
  • Dad: Why can’t you boys keep secrets???
  • Mum: (Continue to probe) It must be a Prada Wallet.
  • Damir: (with Clemens struggling to cover his mouth) Mum!!!!! Are you magic? How did you know? Do you know it is your favourite colour “PINK“????!!!
  • Dad & Clemens: DAMIR!!!!!!!!!!!

As Damir Said, It is in Hot PINK!! My Fav

By then, I was already laughing off my head with my hubby totally speechless for a moment before he went berserk nagging at the boys on how well they kept the secret. Hahahahahhahaha

Such A Big Wallet, Only $10.00 Found. Hubby Next time give more lar…….

But secret or no secret, this is one piece that I absolutely love. 🙂


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