Who Says We Need A Turkey & An X’Mas Log Cake?

I cannot imagine that I have not been in here for a week already. Busy shopping you can say and bringing my boys to take some snap shots of the glittering Christmas decorations.

But come today 25th Dec, I seriously have no plans so what do we do on this wet day? Well it was an impromptu decision with my besties that we are so gonna have STEAMBOAT!! Who needs the turkey when we can have pipping hot yummy steamboat?

Comfort Food For A Wet Cold Day

Baby's Thinking She Wants The Steam Boat Instead of Milk

Followed by a home-made Strawberry Christmas cum Birthday cake. So who says we need Chocolate Log cake? Though perhaps it is not the best in the world, I am glad my friends love it and I have a little ardent fan who can finish 3 servings all by herself :).

A White X'Mas Cake

The Birthday Gals Excluding the Little One

My Ardent Little Fan

It is not a fantastic Christmas but it is heart-warming to have the gals I have known since we were 13 and 14 around in the comfort of my home where we can laugh about the things we have done (last time), flip through photo albums and talk about the future while our kids are busy entertaining themselves.

The Happy Kiddos

A Toast to Our Friendship and one of my Christmas wish is we can still entertain each other when we are full of grey and white hair. Perhaps like what we have always said, “to check ourselves into an old folks and create a havoc  in there (“,)”

May Our Friendship Last A long Time. (BTW Can you guess how many gals are there?)

Thanks Gals for such a warm Christmas despite the wet and cold weather.

Merry Christmas!!

Though I am late, I will still like to wish all of you a “Merry Christmas!!”


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