Just When I Thought

Just when I thought I am done shopping this month….. I never expected that I will get myself a bag since I have already gotten an  Louis Vuitton for myself earlier on this year.

It is a designer bag which I never thought I will ever get because I had never shown much interest in this label. But still because of what I saw on the magazine this time round (which of course caught my eyes), I thought I will just go in and take a peep.

The lady was helpful and friendly, took out a few pieces for me to view and …….. here comes the ULTIMIUM. She whipped out a ravishing outta season beauty (at least in my eyes it is) and you gotta believe in the power of sales talk, “This is the last piece and going off at 30% DISCOUNT!!!!!”

30% DISCOUNT for a piece like that with the colours in such a bold contrast, how can I not be tempted? I, needless to say gave in to the devil talking in me, “You gotta get this or you will be sleepless tonight! Last piece at 30% discount you will regret it if you do not get it.” And hence I am now the owner of this Gucci Meta Orange Vintage-Web Small Boston Bag.

I seriously love the striking bold colours of this piece

I love how the zip goes all the way down for the easy retriever of things

Most of all I love how it can be carried in 2 ways

Lovely isn’t it? 🙂 One of a perfect piece to add colour to almost any type of causal wear.

And now as I am typing and admiring my bag at the same time, I know I do need to exercise a lot of self control. All I hope now is that my hubby is not reading this because he will be wondering why do I need another bag when I already a number of pieces in the wardrobe especially with our upcoming trip to Tokyo in January, he will believe I need more discipline than this.

But guys never understand do they? Perhaps I should justify it as Christmas spending – A Christmas gift to myself. 🙂


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