Christmas Is Just An EXCUSE To Do Shopping!!

Sales at Habour Town, Gold Coast (Few Years Back)

I guess for a sucker like me that thrives on short term thrills and happiness, Christmas is really just an excuse for me to do more SHOPPING!! Looking at my Christmas Tree last year, it doesn’t to be as filled as this year. The ‘harvest for this year seems to be better. 🙂

Christmas 2010

Anyway with Christmas arriving in a jiffy next week, have you done your shopping? It seems that I have more or less finish with mine and of course I am left a few grand poorer but seriously happyr. I guess my biggest catch for this year is for someone rather special where boxing day is also a very special day. The next one that follows belongs be my two very precious boys though I think they aren’t really thrill over it. 🙂

Hmmm……. seems like the salad days are coming my way.

But hold on………… Who says shopping is only for girls?










Clemens When he was 2.5 Years Old Then

The boys love it too!


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