Tea Break @ Forty-Hands

It has been a week since I came in here to write something. Not because I have nothing to share but it was more about completing the assignment which I have yet to complete. 🙂

Anyway yesterday after my class my hubby decided to bring just me alone for a little chill out while my boys were napping at the mother-in-law place. If you remembered I had mentioned that she is staying at a really charismatic, rich full of heritage area at Tiong Bahru with lots of surprisingly little cool cafes popping up.

Forty Hands, Blk 78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, Singapore 163078, Tel: +65 6225 8545

This time round we ventured out a little further and found ourselves this place called Forty-Hands. At 1st impression, I have to to say I am seriously not impressed at all due to the overwhelming space-constraint place. Also looking at the display of pastry, it wasn’t able to arouse much interest in me.

The Space Constraint Place

The Display of Pastry

Therefore I just casually ordered a Chocolate Trofi Cake (since I am a die-hard choco fan) and a Pearl of Orient Tea. My hubby who loves his food salty of course ordered the Egg Benedict and a latte. With that we found a rather cozy but slightly cramped 2 seater. 🙂

Now when the food arrive served in a rather old school manner, that was when the impression starts to slightly kick in. Though my hubby was still not impressed with the latte comparing to the one he had at The Orange Timble.

Our Food

But for me, I will have to say I absolutely adore my Chocolate Trofi Cake with my tea. It was like a perfect match made in heaven balancing out the sweetness of the cake with my sugarless fragrant tea. I was squealing in delight with every mouth full of the moist-orange scented cake that even when I have finish the entire piece, I do not feel ‘je lat’ meaning kind of sick in the tummy due to rich food.

Look At that Rich and Moistful Inviting Cake

Me Enjoying Every Bits & Morsel

My hubby loves his egg benedict too especially with the wobbly yolk done just the way he loves it. Thick rich yellow liquid oozing out when the knife cuts through it, mix with the melted cheese (I think) and the saltiness of the ham and bacon and a refreshing green side. I guess I will die happy eating this. 🙂

A Close Up Shot

Look At The Yolk Oozing Out

That is Hot

Well all in all, it was still a good teabreak where my hubby and I were able to chat about us. I like it here seriously speaking but with kids, I think I might still prefer The Orange Timble because of the ice-cream(for the kids), comfy space and of course price wise, I think Forty Hands is still slightly pricier.


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