Review Give-Away: “Is It Ready Yet?”

*Updates on 5 December

Well seems that my hosting of the give away is unsuccessful. Anyway it is now closed. And I shall try another one if I ever have a chance. 🙂


If you have followed me, you will know that I have written my first Pre-Launched Review for “Is it Ready?” last week. And because of this I was given 2 promo codes as give-away to 2 lucky readers of my blog.

I am pretty excited as this is my first time hosting a give-away as well, all thanks to sweet Rieni.

Picture source: “Is It Ready Yet?”

Anyway back to the topic, I have wanted to host this give-away by sharing a recipe to test out this iPhone app but because school is starting for me this weekend, burning out all my weekends for the next 2 weeks, I will not be able to cook even the simplest meal (as you know I am a full time working mum as well). Therefore I have decided there is no way I want to hold up the others who wants to test out this app as soon as possible especially for those who might be preparing Christmas Dinner.

Though I am rather upset that I can’t be cooking and trying out this new app of mine till my exams are over on the 17th December 2011, I have read great raving reviews of “Is It Ready Yet?” from the iTunes Apple Store. It boasts of 23 choices cuts of meat variations to help determine the proper amount of time you should keep your meat in the oven.

Now are you excited? Here is how you can qualify to JOIN this lucky PROMO CODE GIVE-AWAY:

  • No. of Give-Away: 2 promo codes to be given away
  •  Who can Qualify: Anyone, anybody all over the world.
  • How to Qualify: Just leave a comment in this entry of mine stating why you want this app so badly.
  • Closing date: This Sunday (3rd December 2011)

*Note: 2 lucky readers will be randomly picked in a draw-lot system by each of my boys respectively and results will be posted on my blog Monday 4th December evening.


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