To Stay Together Or Not To Stay

My Boy Thinking Like An Adult Now

I never remembered how Clemens and I got to this topic but it was really a conversation that really set me thinking and pondering. Anyway it was something like that:

  • Clemens: Mummy I wouldn’t want to stay with you when I grow up and get married.
  • Me: Oh then where are you going to stay?
  • Clemens: I am going to buy my own house and stay there.
  • Me: That sounds wonderful because I wouldn’t like to stay with you too.

Now the way I answered him, was it true from my heart or was it in a spite? Perhaps that will be my karma for people who knew what went on – the fact that I had loan a sum of $$ from my parents (for the Cash Over Valuation), pulled my hubby to secretly buy the humble nest we are staying now when my in-laws had wished for us to stay together. It was not the most pleasant scenario when my in-laws found out but I will say it is one of the decision I have never regretted looking at the crazily-priced houses now (though I guess the situation could be handled better altogether).  Being young then, the hot blooded me allowed my impulse to rule my head and the craving for freedom and independence (which I guess I had inherited from my dad) pushed me forward.

Anyway enough said, to tell the truth, I am secretly happy for Clemens that he has a thinking like that and if he can ever afford a shelter one day, I will give him my utmost support just like what my parents did. My dad had believed that was the best way for us to work towards a goal, a responsibility in establishing our own family and raising our kids; and to have a better understanding of what they-parents have done to provide us a shelter, feed us and clothe us.

A place where we can cuddle, fight, laugh; and argue all in the privacy of a place we call our own. I will wish these for my kids as well and I am glad that at the end of the day, my in-laws understood as well.

So to stay together or not to stay, I guess it will be my kids who ultimately make the decision themselves. 🙂


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