A Lazy Brunch @ The Orange Timble

Over the weekend, we had visited mother-in-law who lives in a really charismatic, rich full of heritage area at Tiong Bahru. Since she was not around when we arrive, we thought it will be nice to plod around this neighbouhoood which has a nostalgic charm. We had noticed a recently a spate of cafes popping up and we wandered ourselves to this little cafe – The Orange Timble.

The Orange Thimble Cafe, 56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-68, Tel: +65 6223 8068, Tue to Sun: 11am – 9pm

The 1st impression of the cafe really caught our eyes with the retro design that kind of excites of my boys as well. Though upon entering, it may seem a little cramp, but you will be surprise that there are more places on the inside kind of like spread out where you get to have your own little corner.

Hubby Thinking About What to Have

Anyway because I am a die-hard choco lover, I knew I had to have the Hazelnut Dacquoise which was mad good with the thick yummy quality dark chocolate sandwiched with the cripsy light spongy texture meringue.

Chocolate Overload

My hubby and the boys decided to have Weekend Breakfast All Day which was really yummy as well.

Weekend Breakfast All Day

Looks Yummy Ain't it?

The drinks where the boys had their hot chocolate, my usual cup of tea and hubby’s latte came with the traditional coloured sugee biscuit which my boys had fun dipping it in their drinks. My hubby enjoyed his latte citing that it was smooth.

Whatever it is, see our table full, the boys enjoying themselves and my hubby chill. 🙂

Our Table Full

Damir Enjoying Himself

Clemens dipping those tiny biscuits into his hot choco

Us All Chilling

Overall, the service was really friendly with the staff keep asking us if we want to take family photo (that was why we had such a nice shot. The food also arrived in a timely manner and the most important thing is, the boys are asking to return there more often. 🙂

My Favourite Shot Of The Day


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