Clemens P1 Orientation

From graduation to orientation, my boy- Clemens has come to another new phase of his life last Saturday. 🙂 If you had followed me a few months back, you will know how nervous I was to how joyous I was when Clemens got balloted into the school.

Clemens On Day Of Orientation

Last Saturday was the his orientation.Dressed smartly and excited, Clemens and I made our way to the school. The students were extremely polite, bowing and greeting all guests along the corridor After registering ourselves, Clemens was made to sit with his new class mates.

Clemens with New Classmates

The Orientation was really impressive with clearly a very strong parental support group. You can see this from nicely decorated hall and having Alex the Lion and Elmo as guest appearance which drove the kiddos crazy with happiness. Followed by a showcase of their CCAs – Modern Dance and String Ensemble; and a speech by the School Principal.

The Nicely Decorated Hall

Alex the Lion


String Ensemble (though Clemens did not choose this)

There after the kids were made to go back to their classroom where the teacher will bring them for a tour around the school while we, parents had to stay to fill in various forms, buy textbooks (which I have gotten earlier on thanks to my mum) and school uniforms.

Clemens Q-ing to Go Back to Class

All in all, looking at my eldest son going into another phase of life is really indescribable. The joy that he is growing up, the heaviness in the heart if he will get adjusted and cope well in school. That kind of feeling is all so mixed up that it just overwhelms me.

But still I am happy for him that he got into such a impressive school especially when he can decide which CCA  he actually want to join. 🙂

Impressive Sightings of The School

The Canteen

Like a Chapter Out From Harry Potter

A Water Wheel Cart in the Parade Ground

Impressive isn’t it? For now, I just wish for him to enjoy school.


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