Pre-Launched Review: “Is It Ready Yet?” + Contest

*Note: I do not receive any monetary term for this entry. Reviews are all based on my own personal opinion. All pictures in here are sources from “Is It Ready Yet?”

Well this is the 1st time I am writing a pre-launched review for an iPhone app (“,) and I am seriously excited and sincere in doing it. I was first contacted by Rieni to help give a shout out for their pre-launch contest available in Facebook. And after browsing through the webpage, I got really interested about this “Is It Ready Yet?” app.

Now you must be wondering what is the GREAT DEAL about it? It might not be a great deal to you but it sure is to me because I simply LOVE and ADORE cooking. I often look up for recipes to try out through my iPhone and iPad and will just place them on the kitchen table and flip it as if I am looking through a recipe book. So what else can it be better than having a built-in kitchen timer app like this on my devices. (“,)

“Is It Ready Yet?” is not you normal kitchen timer which just rings after your food is cooked. It is easy to use and does alot more than just goes , “Rrrrringggggggg………….”.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Enter the application.

Step 2: Choose your settings.

Step 3: Choose the type and cut of meat you want to cook and enter the weight.

Step 4: Temperature and Cooking Time shown. Click COOK!

Step 5: Timer starts to tick.

If you realise, the amazing thing about this app is that you can quickly look up oven roasting times for many whole cuts of meat and poultry. All you need to do is simply select your cut of meat and the weight and you’ll see suggested oven temperatures and cooking times. From there you can start your cooking timer with one click.

Another GREAT NEWS is even though this great app is not yet launched, they are having a


2 Lucky winnner can win iTunes Cards worth S15.00 each.

All you need to do is:

  1. Like their Facebook page
  2. Post your comment about Is It Ready Yet App
  3. Share their fan page on your Facebook wall and other social networks

 Winners will be selected randomly

Contest ends at 24 November 2011

Now are you ready yet? If you are just as excited as I am, just click on the below picture and do all the above 3 points.

A note of caution though, this app is not going to help you prevent your food from burning if you forgot to turn off your stove and oven. (“,)

Do hurry though……….. And I am all ready to roast a chicken when I have this app. 🙂


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