What Greater Blessings

If there is anything that my dad likes to do, it is to gather all of us for a meal occasionally. This time round he decides that he wants to try the dim sum buffet in Jiang Nan Chun @ Four Seasons Hotel. I, myself usually love to go for International Buffet and have been to The Line @ Shangari-La and Melt The World Cafe @ The Oriental; but dim sum buffet, never before.

Jian-Nan Chun, 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646 Tel: (65) 6734-1110, Fax. (65) 6733-0682

My hubby and I thought it will be worth a try since we had actually wanted to try the Cherry Garden Champagne Dim Sum Buffet.

Anyway we decided to meet my parents there and since they were a little late, I thought we will camwhore a little till they arrived.

Hub & I

Waiting for Gong Gong & Ma ma

And when they arrived, we headed up to the restaurant where we were greeted by a really oriental entrance with an impressive menu of 100 over dishes where you can have as much as you want but only a serving of sharks fin and peking duck per person.

The Entrance

My mum being a typical mum who is afraid of her kids and grandkids being hungry of course over-ordered again leaving us a table full of food where we gorged ourselves silly with huge grins on our faces.

Damir with Gong Gong

Table Full of Food

And because we are gorging ourselves, there was very little photo that I took. Only some of my favourite.

Truffle fish dumpling, Shark Fins Dumpling & Salted Egg Yolk Bun

Mango Pudding, Almond Longan Pudding, Osmanthus Jelly

Well overall the food was good, the service was quite alright (depending on the person serving you I guess) as we had a lady who was rather impatient with us but the guy was ever so sweet  even to my boys who were asking  endless questions.

As for the price, I guess I will still prefer international buffet because of the seafood and the many varieties of the desserts.

All in all, from my point of view what can be greater blessings than eating together as a family happily (just a pity that my brother is busy to join us). 🙂

Some of Mine Favourite Family Photo.

Hub & Kids

Kids & I

My Boys

My Sisters

Beautiful Picture of My Parents

My Favourite Picture of My Parents. I Love This!! 🙂

My Lovely Boys

My Mum & Her Daughters 🙂

This is indeed a blessing. To have the whole family eat together happily. 🙂


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