My Big Boy – Clemens

How time flies. Just 2 days ago, he had his grduation ceremony and is now preparing to go into his next phrase of life: Primary School. For the past 2 years, I really appreciate the efforts put in by his teachers to nuture him into a sweet and sensitive boy. The teachers will often give us feedback on his performance and how to go about helping him. Even when I am rarely the one who fetched the kids to school, they will still feedback to my mum (caregiver to my boys) who in turn will let us know.

Anyway, the graduation ceremony was really great. You can definitely see the effort put in by the teachers to make the performance (which was a musical adapted from the Rainbow Fish- An Ocean Tale) a success. Colourful costumes, brilliant make-up, stunning dances like hip hop, it sure wowed us parents over. Even though we had to pay certain things, it was definitely well-worth the money.

Preparing For the Concert

Clemens' Ardent Fans - His 2 Grannies

Clemens & Brother

I wonder When I can See Clemens in This Again 🙂

Clemens’ Spectacular Perfomance

Other Highlights – My Favourites

It was an amazing sight to see how well co-ordinated the kids were.

The Finale

Clemens with Bestie & Great Teachers

Clemens’ Networking Session 🙂

Clemens & Family

Family Photo

Finally With Dad & Mum

Thank You Teachers for making school such a joyful and memorable experience for Clemens.


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