How Can I Forget … …

The pleasures of SHOPPING!!

The happiness of trying out outfits and the joy of saying, “Yes… I will get this. :)” Finished all with a mega smile on the face.

I know I am shallow for indulging in short term happiness but I can’t help it that I am a typical woman.

Anyway since it is nearing the company’s dinner & dance, Christmas and a few supposedly wedding dinner (which I am unable to attend now), here are my shopping sprees.

For The Party 🙂

My favourites are definitely the peep-toes killer heels from Guess.

From Lacoco, I got myself a new trendy haircut.

I love the sides of it

And a pair of lovely manicured nails from Hui Aesthetics, all in the shades of blue and silver.

Studs on fingernails all inclusive. A great deal I got 🙂

I love how the  manis & pedis are priced at S$28.00 each with nail arts all inclusive. It also doesn’t matter if you are doing a classic or french. The price stays the same.

What can be greater pleasures than a spree like that?


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