An Impromptu Visit

I know it is not very appropriate to write about anything fun right now as we are still mourning. However I am eager to finish this up as I have already started writing halfway since 2 weeks ago.

We know that my hubby was away for work some time ago so, how is life for the other 2 younger boys? Where is all the fun gone? Well we plan our own fun.

I always pride myself as a rather independent woman who will never pass the day idling at home thinking how boring life can be (unless I am in 1 of my mood swings). I look for fun even when the days I was at Aussie without my mum. Therefore with the hubby often not around, it already seems too normal.

Anyway 2 weekends ago, while waiting for my parents to finish watching their concert at the Resorts World Sentosa, my sisters, kids and I wandered around for a little while before chancing upon the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium.

I was wondering if I should bring them all in and you know kids being kids, I had 4 pairs of eyes looking at me with such eagerness. I look at the price again and thinking oh boy……… how can I bear to disappoint them. So that was it.

The Majestic Qi Lin on the Bow

Damir All Acting Up

When we entered, we were wowed by the magnificent replica of the bow of Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship. My kids were of course more awed by the “Qi Lin” (one of the Four Fabulous Beasts of Chinese Mythology, they symbolise purity, innocence, truth and justice, and if one of these rare beasts appears it is regarded as a very good omen.) on the bow which breathes and snorts smoke with fiery red eyes when the Boa Chuan Show is running.

This is an extremely interactive museum which holds the children’s (adults too) attention because they have the activity sheets and a passport as well for you to emboss your stamp at each ‘port of call’ you arrive at as you venture along the Silk Road. This was a hit with my kids (but you need to exert some strength before you get a deep set emboss).

Activities that arouse the Kids' Interest

Damir Exerting All His Might

From Blank to Stamped

Along the stations or ‘port of call’, there are much to learn from. Different cultures, different spices and goods traded; and different activities to do.

Different 'Port of Calls' were labelled on the floor

The Various Stuff to Do

His Master Piece

More Stuff To See

Of all the destinations, this was sure my favourite where I spent sometime emailing recipes into my very own inbox.

As we plodded on, we finally arrived at the Typhoon Theatre. We wondered around a little while, snapped some photos before we were led to watching a little preview and finally into the cool depth of the theatre. I will have to say that the 3D experience of howling winds, splashing waves and flashing lightnings were pretty real and immersive. And the show ended with the sinking of the vessels where we found ourselves at 1st level of the Museum.

An All Of Us Photo

Some Of My Other Favourites

At the 1st level, more exhibitions, more interactive games awaited us.

Other Things That Caught My Eyes

The Chinese Junk Ship

Miniature Chinese Junks "Sailing" on Steel Wires

How Can 1 Miss This 'Noah's Ark' Look Alike Stuff

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves and will be definitely coming back again with my hubby since it is so reasonably priced (Even without the discount).

General Admission
Adult – $5 ($3.00 after discount)
Child (4 – 12 yrs old) – $2
Senior Citizen (65 yrs old & above) – $3
*Exclude admission to Typhoon Theatre

Typhoon Theatre Admission
Adult – $6 ($3.00 after discount)
Child (4 – 12 yrs old) – $4 ($3.00 after discount)
Senior Citizen (65 yrs old & above) – $3
*Exclude admission to Museum


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