Melt The World Cafe Really Melts Our Hearts

**Updates: I doubt we will be visiting this place for the 3rd time again after receiving unprofessional customer service. For more information, you can proceed to read HERE at the 4th & 5th paragraph.

Yup I know in my previous entry, I have said that I have not bought anything for my boys as everyday is already like Children’s Day to them. but this does not mean that I am not giving them a treat. As usual I had asked them sometime back, where they will like to have their Kiddy Day treat and surprisingly, they both tweeted, “Shangari-La; The Line!!”

Ok I know it sounds incredible for a 4 & 6 year old boys. How will they know? Well that is because they had it for their last Christmas and was wowed over by that chocolate fondue fountain and the wan ton spinach noodles.

Anyway after some thoughts and the much heard about Melt The World Cafe being Best Buffet in Singapore and my hubby wanting to try that out for sometime already, I managed to convince my boys that they have a impressive chocolate fondue fountain too.

Melt the World Cafe 5 Raffles Avenue 4F The Oriental Singapore Tel: +65 6885 3082

Did we regret choosing that place? well…. Definitely No!! And it is comparable to or should I say even better than The Line. My boys enjoyed themselves tremendously and since it is Oktoberfest, they have the German Food Selection too and my boys were gobbling up the sausages which was grilled to perfection and of course crispy suckling pork. Another section they enjoyed themselves at was the BBQ Grill Section, where my boys enjoyed the medium rare grilled beef. The Ba Kut Teh noodles were something they enjoyed too.

As for my hubby and I, the first section we went to was the cold section where they have the freshest and meatiest oyster (we down about 1 dozen of them). The prawns were really good too though my hubby did not enjoy the baby lobsters very much as they were too tough to his liking. And since I have mentioned that they have the German affair going on, how would he not have the Erdinger beer? He especially love it saying how smooth it glides down his throat. For myself I especially love the Japanese corner and was attacking the shahimi on a rather massive scale but of course I did remember to leave some space for the desserts.

Cold Section:

Hot Food + Beer:

Overall, the food variety is rather extensive and I can’t really even remember all that I have eaten. They have a good selection of ham and cheese. But the best thing that my boys and I enjoyed was the dessert. The home-made strawberry ice-cream that my boys could not stop having (they had 3 scoops each), and not to mention the strawberries and marshmellows that they had dipped in the fountain of chocolate. My hubby particularly love the cheesecakes which you can see that they had used really good ingredients as the generous heaps of vanilla pod seeds were  evident in it.

As for myself, I just needed to try out as many desserts as I can and my absolute favourite is the deep-pocket waffles. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside; topped with 2 heaps full of home made vanilla ice-cream, tangy strawberries and drizzled with chocolate from the chocolate fountain, I cannot stop raving about it even till today. It has been such a long time since I ate such wonderful waffles. I thought I will never be able to find that waffle taste again since the ones I had in Highfields- The Village Green when I was residing at Australia.


Boys and their Favourite

The Different Kind of Deserts

My Absolute Favourite

All in all, it was a good 3-hour dinner. When I asked my hubby which he preferred, he said The Line because they have more hot food selection. As for me, I prefer this because I feel they have a more well rounded selection. Their price includes different varieties of hot coffee and tea and for children, they even have hot chocolate. This, The Line does not have. In terms of the quality of deserts, I think Melt The World Cafe wins both hands down especially on those deep pocket waffles.

Whatever it is, I am glad my boys enjoyed themselves and when I asked them which they enjoyed, they answered me, “mum can we have celebrate Children’s Day every alternate years here and the other altenate years at The Line?” Hmmm…… kids these days…….. 🙂

And did I add that I was feeling vain after dinner? 🙂

I found a huge mirror at the toilet enterance

P.S: I know that my photos are not doing justice. So do click here to find out more. The pictures at ladyironchef are way way much better than what I have. 


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