Happy Children’s Day

What does this day mean to you especially those with kids?  Do you do something special for the kids or do you buy gifts for your child or do you take the day off to bring your kids out?

Hmm….. for me, it is just like another any other day. No leave taken nor gifts bought. This is because I feel many children of these days are really very lucky and I feel my boys are too. Everyday is already like children’s day to them. With many material gifts made available for them and the parents’ overly care, concern and love, I rather be making another less fortunate kid out there smile.

But of course I do do something special for the boys’ class party each year. I do particularly appreciate the teachers for passing the boys the charity envelope allowing us to donate to the less fortunate children.  This is also a good time for the boys’ to know that there are children without toys, love and concern out there. So instead of me donating the $$, I made the boys dig out from their coin bank (which they did happily).

And if you are also interested to make the less fortunate children smile, you can always click here  and make a donation to them. 🙂

So hurry and make another child other than your own child smile today.

P.S: Children’s Day from year 2011 onward is celebrated on the 1st Friday of every October instead of the 1st October.


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