I Thought I Will Try To Be A Domestic Goddess For A Day

*Note: This is a no photos entry today. just a certain rambling of mine.

I have been ill for the past month with a cough and a cold that goes on and off just like the crazy weather these days. It finally got full blown last night and hence I was made to stay at home today.

But the thought of me lazing all day long in bed doesn’t seem to go with the mood I am in today (most days, I will wish I can laze all day in bed). So I thought I will clean up the house a little this morning (Those who knows me, knows that I hate cleaning up. They are usually done by my hubby and of course with the very-much occasional help from my mum). Today is the 1st time in ages since I pick up the mop and start mopping the house and dusting the cabinet of my kids’ room.

By noon, I was already picking up my kids, sent them to my mum’s place where we had a quick lunch before I headed home myself (have I mentioned that I stay only a block from my mum’s place). It was to rest but again I have this sudden to bake a vegen chocolate cake (no eggs/ no butter). This was a trial test as I have decided to use this to make cake-pops for children’s day this year. The texture turned out kind of alright and the vegen chocolate glaze tasted great. However I guess because my vegetable oil has turned a little rancid and this leaves a not-so-nice after taste in the mouth. Will try it again.

Then by evening I was back to my mum’s house to have dinner and pick my kids up. Yesh, I have always brought my kids out and tried to let them have all the childhood they want and can have as much as possible before they go to primary school. However I guess, I had not strike a proper balance, often indulging my kids too much of play that Clemens, I realize has been quite lacking in terms of academic works compared to his peers. I tried to do a little catching up this evening and in fact, there were bouts of frustrations and anger that I threw at him and even told him that there will be no more TV time for him again. He was of course upset but I guess being young and ‘helpless’ there was not much he can retaliate even though I know jolly well that it is my fault for not being consistent. But we of course managed to get thing through and I wish I am more discipline in consistency.

All in all, I thought it was not a bad achievement for me today despite my condition. I at last feel like a domestic goddess for once (minus the temper thrown at Clemens) and it is back to work tomorrow.

1/2 Cup Empty: Ever since I am back at the work force, I feel more like a material mum to the boys more than a REAL mum.

1/2 Cup Full: At least, my hubby managed to smile at what I have done though he wishes that I can be more consistent.


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