Loosing Weight Is Such A … …

COMPLEXITY! Yup it is indeed.

Those who can remember from my last post, I actually lost 7kg in 6 months and manged to maintain it at 63kg till July. However in these recent months from July to September, not only have I not made any decrease instead I made a ‘progression’ by 2kg (63kg to 65kg)! Yesh I have gained weight. That is why I said loosing weight is such a complexity through my trial & error experience. And this made me conclude that loosing weight is 80% careful diet & 20% exercise.

Why I say that, it is because:

Part 1: I was careful in my diet (as listed here) but hardly exercise and yet I lost 7kg.

Part 2: I have been letting loose on my diet but I was exercising regularly (brisk walk 3km 3 times a week and leisurely swim 30 laps for 1 hour) and yet I gained 2kg.

That is why, isn’t it ironical? Now I wonder, when will I ever be discipline to proceed to Part 3: Careful diet & regular exercise. Perhaps the up and coming company dinner & dance in November?

Right now I have to get rid of the evil from my mind. I have been on a binging mood of carbohydrates and meat and fried stuff. Worse still images of McDonald’s cinnamon melts, Kettle’s honey dijon chips, Cold Stone Creamery’s dark chocolate and peanut butter ice-cream, and Spinelli’s chocolate heaven cake has been popping out all over my mind and driving me absolute insane.

Things are not looking at all great. Not when I have been having the Pizza Hut’s cheesy bites treats for supper twice this month.

Turkey Bacon Shroom

Have it piping hot dipped in those tangy creamy cheese is sure the devil of addiction.

I guess I need more than a miracle to proceed with Part 3: Careful diet & regular exercise.


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2 thoughts on “Loosing Weight Is Such A … …

  1. If you have been exercising regularly, it could be muscle gain too. To lose weight effectively, it’s better if you can include some light weight lifting and conditioning to gain muscle mass cuz muscle mass burns more calories. Combine that with your current cardio exercises, you are likely to loose more weight.

    Then again, the cheesy bites…tsk tsk! I feel your pain honey! Cuz I cant keep my hands off food. =(

    • Nah thanks for consoling me. Even WJ says my face seems to be rounder again. Really can’t keep my hands off food these days. Especially with the cough and block & runny nose, I just wish to have heaps of or rather I have been feasting on claypot rice, BBQ stingray, laksa and curry fishhead. I keep thinking they will cure me. Hahahahaha your bestie is living in a sorry state of self denial.

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